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  • Harry Harry Sep 16, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    My Season Over

    Played in the first playoff matchup last week and tied 5-5. Of course it went to the regular season, and I lost with his 11.5 wins to my 8.5.

    I destroyed him in R, HR, AVG, and RBI (thanks Hunter Pence), l edged out in W, lost bad in SV and K (he has 10 starters) and lost merely in ERA and WHIP (thanks a lot Burnett). Finally, he beat me by one stolen base, and as it turns out if I had put Donaldson in in Saturday (got a SB), or Gardner earlier in the week, than I would be playing a meaningful matchup this week. I had a shot on Sunday night however, with Cano playing, possibly getting that one stat that I needed, but I didn't. Crazy how a whole years work can come down to one statistic.

    Horrible way to end the season in which I spent hours on end. Just thought I'd share my predicament because I found it interesting. Thanks for everything this season, message boards.

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    • See Harry get owned.

    • I lost a playoff matchup that I led 7-3 entering Sunday and 5-4 with my opponent down to only his Ortiz left and me leading RBIs by one. Ortiz got an RBI and my regular season record against that opponent was...drum roll...9-10-1. (If I had kept Alcides Escobar instead of dropping him earlier last week, I would have gotten another SB which would have broken the tie in SBs, giving me the win. Making the loss even more frustrating.)

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      • Correction: keeping Escobar would have given me a tie in SBs instead of losing SBs by one. It still would have given me a 4-3- win.

      • Never...ever...ever...underestimate the importance of SB.

        Last year I had Mike Trout, Jose Reyes, Jimmy Rollins, Jason Kipnis, Hanley Ramirez, Ian Desmond, and Adam Jones on my roster at the end of the season. Let's just say that I had all angles covered as I had Buster Posey, Miguel Cabrera, and Allen Craig to round out my roster.

        This season I have Mike Trout, Andrew McCutchen, Alex Rios, Carlos Gomez, Yasiel Puig, Ian Desmond, Hanley Ramirez, and Chase Utley. Again...SB are covered and my team is well rounded as all these players produce in all statistical categories.

        Poor roster management will do you in before poor player performance does you in.

      • Wow that's almost exactly like me. A whole years work comes down to that. Brutal. Especially siting for the night game like that.

    • You won 4/5 O cats so hard to pin your entire loss on one offensive player. I would personally pin this more on your pitching staff management seeing that you only won 1/5 cats. IMO there is no excuse to only win 1 pitching cat. I take it you built a balanced staff with 7 SP and three closers? I think this approach is too risky against a 10 SP team unless your staff is absolutely amazing. Be honest, was it? Honestly, mine is not.

      Against a 10 SP team, I’d tend to either dump my entire bench to enter an arms race, forcing him to add lousy SP (who are likely to F him in ERA/WHIP), or I’d strategically start only one or two SP for the week to try and take ERA/WHIP. I strongly favor the first approach.

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      • I said I wasn't pinning it on Cano, I said of all my 9 starters that he happened to be playing at night and was my last hope. It could have been Ian Desmond and I would've used his name, ya see? I was close in all pitching cats except closing, so I wouldn't say that's "their" fault.

        I have 6 starters and 2 closers with roster spots to stream.

        They are:

        Matt Moore
        Mat Latos
        Jordan Zimmermann
        James Shields
        Shelby Miller
        A.J. Burnett

        That is a decent rotation as I had Beachy too until the other injury. I could've easily won ERA and WHIP with these arms and could have won K's on a regular week against a guy with less than 10 starters. There and there only is where you could say that I didn't plan out well, as I could have added more starters for the matchup, even though I only have 3 adds a week. I still streamed and thought I gave myself a chance in each pitching cat, without jeopardizing any one specific.

      • would if your entire bench is hot and dropping them gives opponent an advantage. can't do that. i also find the arms race pointless for my team. this idea is good for teams with lousy staff who planned poorly throughout the entire season and who have not found hot arms. i am confident that my staff will win era whip every week.

    • Kipnis, Pedroia, Altuve, Daniel Murphy, and Ian Kisler are all on the list of 2Bs that stole a base (or more) in the past 7 days...are widely owned...and offer similar value to Cano. All are in the top 126 of total player rankings. All have stolen more bases than Cano over the course of the season. At any point this season you could have traded Cano and acquired any one of those names plus another player and you would have been much better off. Instead...you chose to own a name and not statistical categories.

    • ...and this is why stolen bases ARE NOT overrated and why Cano IS overrated.

      As long as it is a scoring category in your league it carries a great deal of value...address it early and often.

      This is why every one of my players (with the exception of C...and maybe 1B) has the ability to steal 10+ bases.

      You need a player that can put a tick mark for you in any category on any given day. Every one of my players (including bench players) has at least 11 HRs. Every one of my players with the exceptions of Martin Prado, Matt Adams, and Mike Napoli has 8 or more SBs...and the player with 8 SBs is Chase Utley who hasn't played a full season. All told I have 13 bats with 11 or more HRs each and I have 9 bats that have double digit totals in both HR and SBs.


      That is what lost you your matchup and had you debating adding Billy Hamilton and forced you to choose between starting Donaldson or Cano. Cano has 7 SBs on the entire season. That is fewer than 1/3rd of a SB a week (7 SB in 24 weeks). You had less than a 30% chance of Cano stealing a base at any point last week. I don't give a #$%$ what Yahoo! rankings say...that is why I would own Jason Kipnis, Dustin Pedroia, Ian Kinsler, Ben Zobrist, Chase Utley...and even Daniel Murphy before I own Robinson Cano. Having the 4 CATEGORY contributor that is Robinson Cano on your roster is poor roster management. You could have traded him and gotten Kipnis + (another bat or arm) from the fools that overrate Cano.

      Stupid is as stupid does.

      Folks overrate Cano the same way they overrate (or used to overrate Hamilton). That is why I got Carlos Gonzalez and Alex Rios in a trade for Hamilton before the season started this year.

      Remember...this is fantasy baseball...you own numbers...not name.

      You lost...because you owned the greater name. Your opponent owned the numbers...and knew that he won a tie.

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      • Lets not go crazy here and say Cano is the reason I lost. He just happened to be playing a night game and happened to be my last chance. That's why I singled him out. This rant you're going on is stupid.

        I have you saying that to own ROBINSON CANO, is poor roster management. Stop talking. The fourth ranked player shouldn't be owned. When you say he only contributes in four categories, just remember that in those four categories he does contribute in, he is better than Kipnis. So lets do a test to see who is a better fantasy baseball player: I'll play you in a matchup. Lets say our entire offense is the same except you have Kipnis and I have Cano. I win 4 out of the 5 categories. Ill take Cano all day long. And to group Zobrist who has 3 more SBs than Cano, with these other players is numb minded and lazy.

        Why would I think to start Donaldson over Cano when in need of stolen bases, Donaldson has 4 so the odds aren't there. I even added two stolen base guys, (you hate that term huh?), for the weekend to ensure I win as I was up huge in the other cats, that is not bad management, that's bad luck.

        I like your theory of your roster having all around talented guys, but if I have a guy that beats yours on the majority of statistical categories than that's a win for me. Sometimes having a "stolen base guy" is bad, but usually they are a lead off hitter who gets runs and a decent average, so it's not a complete mistake. No matter what you do, you will have guys who are better in certain categories. Why settle for a guy who can spread out statistics, for a guy who can deliver more and win in the counting stats.


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