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  • Zain Zain Sep 9, 2013 6:51 AM Flag

    Rate my team - unbeaten since June 17th

    12 team H2H league 7x7 cats. i was bottom of my league on June 17th, but have won 10/11 matchups since then (with one 7-7 draw in between) to climb up to 5th position. Before when Grandy was on the DL I used Brown, and before Reyes I had Segura.

    C- Victor Martinez
    1b - Ortiz
    2B- Zobrist
    SS - Reyes
    3B - Matt Carpenter
    OF - Granderson Victorino McCutchen (recently dropped Bautista)
    Util - Hosmer
    SP - Cain, Hamels, Liriano, Sonny Gray, Cingrani, Nova
    RP - Jansen (recently dropped Farquar for Cingrani)

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    • nice job climbing. i would re-add Farquhar. don't u have other P spots? list more so we can help u. main advice is u need to be willing to add hot bats without hesitation i.e. drop granderson unless he turns it around this week. i dont care if he steals. his bat is cold. I'm pretty ok with your catcher thru 3B.

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      • no other P spots unfortunately. I re-added Farquar after Cingrani's "start". Tony lasted about 2 innings and killed my era. luckily i held off dropping granderson for one more game, and he hit a homerun, he hit another one last night so his job is safe (on my fake team), till next week (if i make it past this round). i'm totally not averse to dropping a big name for hotter hitters..its all about who can give me the best short term stats

    • A nice 7 out of 10. You can get a better C than Martinez. I was real impressed with this team until I saw the pitching and closing. Very bad. You have big names that are not performing and no namers who are. I don't like that. I want proven aces who are performing. Way to much inconsistency. One closer? I don't care if its Jansen, he is worthless if you don't have a second closer.

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      • I don't think I can get a better C than Martinez on the WW. Have you seen how incredible he has been the last 2months or so? his OBP is .402 fpr tjhe last 30 days and he plays everyday. he's practically hitting 300 and has 74 rbis. his RBIS are low for the last 30 days but overall he has 74. i'll take the hit there for the uplift in OBP and H. As for my pitching, from my perspective its a great pitching staff when you consider who i had before this lot. I personally think that my team can't get MUCH better. sure i could have better pitching, but i'd have to give up a better hitter. right now the balance is there (i've just picked up a closer for Cingrani (was streaming him for todays start). I may drop Liriano and pick up a streamer type pitcher

    • Either you are in a really weak league or your dominate the extra 2 categories on each side or both.

      Sorry...it is impossible to rate your team without knowing the 7 x 7 categories but I would give your team a solid 6.5 on a scale of 10.


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