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  • dick money dick money Sep 4, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    Late season closer sleepers

    anybody to consider? i have been losing saves the past few weeks and 2 of top 6 teams who i'll prob face in playoffs have 4-5 closers. i am also considering ditching saves and dumping ziegler because he has been a little shaky. should i just dump saves? my sps are all super solid. for example, ricky nabisco and alex wood are my worst pitchers, have kerhsaw, felix, darvish, etc.

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    • No, not really. Hou closer is prob available. I wouldn't touch that though. Your best bet is for a current closer to get inured where there is a solid backup.

    • H2H you have the luxury of ignoring cats. Having only 1 closer is worse then having zero closers. You won't win the SV cat and you lose a roster spot. with only 1 closer. Ziegler is like having a half-a-closer anyway...drop the ERA and WHIP killer.

      No brainier!

    • I wouldn't ditch saves.

      You should always have 3 closers. You might win or tie in saves with just 3 closers.

      The key here is to make sure you win Ks, Ws, and hitting categories. Since your opponents have dedicated 4-5 roster slots to winning just one category you should win the other counting stats. Either they have thin SP or they have thin hitting or both.

      Make sure that you have more SPs starting for you during your matchup weeks. On the Sunday before your matchup begins...click on the "opponents" link from your team's main page. This will display each player's MLB opponent for each day of the week. More importantly there will be a carat displayed ^ that identifies your starting pitchers. You will want to look at your starting pitchers for the week AND YOUR OPPONENT'S STARTING PITCHERS FOR THE WEEK. Pay special attention to the Monday and Tuesday starters as those are most likely going to be your "two start" pitchers. Two start pitchers should give you plenty of innings pitched, double the Ks, and double the opportunity to get Ws. You will want to make sure you have at least as many "two start" pitchers (if not more) than your opponent to win Ws and Ks. This should be easy if your opponents own 4-5 closers.

      Similarly, you should have your bats stacked and you will want to make sure that you have a bat starting at every position every day (bench bats and multi-position eligibility are key). You cannot ensure category wins in BA, ERA, and WHIP on a weekly basis because those are "average stats" that highly unpredictable on a weekly basis. However, with proper planning you should win the 7 counting stats on a weekly basis because you idiot opponents dedicate 4-5 roster slots to ONE CATEGORY.

    • edit: I know his name is not really nabisco


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