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  • Goondal Goondal Aug 24, 2013 12:18 AM Flag

    Trade Harvey?

    Keeper league. We keep three guys. I am keeping two hitters and one pitchers. I currently have Kershaw (whose out of eligibility on my team), Harvey and Scherzer. With Harvey getting shut down I am afraid that it could really hurt my chances this year, and my team is a definite contender. I could hold Harvey, which would waste a roster spot in the semi-finals and finals, or I could trade him to try to win this year and keep Scherzer.

    I was just offered Price, Rosario and a 2nd Round pick for Harvey, Sal Perez, and a ninth.

    Perez is my only glaring weakness on offense and there are twelve teams in the league so with keepers forty-eight guys are off the board before the second round and this owner's pick will be in the second half of the round.

    The trade would definitely make my team better for those finals two weeks so is it worth it to try and win this year? I would rather have Harvey next year but Scherzer is still really good and I would have the extra high pick as well.

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