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  • Harry Harry Aug 21, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    Opinions on My Team

    This is the team I will finish out the year with. I made 3 trades and many other roster moves throughout the year.

    What are your thoughts? Rating? What are my chances in the playoffs?

    12-Team, H2H, Standard 5x5 Categories

    C - McCann
    1B - Butler
    2B - Cano
    3B - Trumbo
    SS - Desmond
    OF - Adam Jones
    OF - Pence
    OF - Granderson
    Util - Gardner
    BN - Donaldson
    BN - Ruf
    BN - Brad Miller
    NA - Billy Hamilton

    SP - Latos
    SP - Zimmermann
    RP - Jansen
    RP - Soriano
    P - Ziegler
    P - Shields
    P - Beachy
    P - Shelby Miller
    BN - Burnett
    BN - Archer
    DL - Moore

    I will probably drop Archer for Moore when he's back, and will consider dropping Ziegler for a streaming a pitcher in the playoffs.

    Here is the outcome of my trades this year:

    Anibal Sanchez, Felix Hernandez, Ernesto Frieri, Danny Farquhar, Jim Henderson, Rex Brothers, Tyler Clippard, Adam Dunn


    Matt Moore, Shelby Miller, Mat Latos, Curtis Granderson, Rafael Soriano, Josh Donaldson, Kenley Jansen, Vernon Wells

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    • Any others?

    • No way this team is real.

    • Solid offense overall. At least in my league I would say you could upgrade Ruf and Brad Miller via FA. Not really sure what to think of ownign Billy Hamilton. He can provide immediate steals but he's had mediocre BA, and might be used more as a pinch runner. Pitching-wise Zimmermann is a concern the way he's been pitching lately. Shelby has also struggled a bit lately although I would hang on for now as his K/9 is still very good. I'd also watch the ARI closer situation closely.

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      • I think Ruf and Brad Miller are very capable backups. They produce at he greatest level, and I'm curious as to who on the FA list could produce more. Besides, they are backups so it doesn't matter. If Hamilton is used as a punch runner that is better for me as his average wont bring me down and guarantee SBs. Shelby has not struggled, only one bad start in his last 10, I think you're just saying that because of his low innings. Zimmermann's last 3 starts before the last were actually all good. My point is, is that I don't have to worry about my aces. Thanks though. What do you think about the trades? Positives?

    • 1) Zero team speed
      2) Foolish manager to own Billy Hamilton the entire season.
      3) Holds on to useless Yankees players.
      4) Bad pitching management...should have dropped/traded Zimmermann and Miller

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      • 1. There is some team speed, no ellsbury , but there is some speed, hamilton need not be owned.
        2. see above
        3. Easy statement to make about season up to now, but that doesn't count going forward, if they aren't your started a hedge bet can pay off.
        4. Not necessarily bad management, zimmerman does tend to fall off in second half but is still a young player and has opportunity to turn things around, did trade for miller but may not have any problems since his innings are pretty low as of right now. All you have to do is get to the finals, then you can drop and stream all you need to.
        I would hold onto archer and drop ruf or miller. Play trumbo in OF, donaldson at 3b, and sit gardner

      • I wouldn't say I have zero team speed. Gardner will steal close to 30, Desmond 20, Pence 20, Granderson in a full year will steal at least 15, and Jones will come up to 15. I picked up Hamilton about 5 days ago, and he will also help in speed if he comes up. Can you explain how 65 runs and 21 SBs are useless? Granderson is projected to finish the year with the 4th most home runs from now till then. I also don't think you can just say that to studs have to be let go. All in all, I disagree with all of your points. Knowing you, you look at every little detail and to see you have come up with those, I feel pretty good about my team.

        Any positives? How did the trades go.


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