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  • JOSHUA JOSHUA Aug 19, 2013 12:18 AM Flag

    Trade advice needed asap please...

    Hi folks. This is a 12 team, roto, 5x5, & non-keeper league. I'm in fourth place (only six points out of first place). I'm needing RBI's & BA. The only guy that's willing to trade has Carlos Gonzalez. I informed him that I would consider trading Verlander, but I would need a good SP back from him (because of the uncertainty as to when CarGo will be back). I'm really not crazy about including Teheran, but the chance of getting CarGo to help my hitting is very enticing. I tried to even include a closer (since I have five). He's offered two trades (& has signed off for the night). Please let me know what you think I should do from the following scenarios:

    1) His: CarGo, Iwakuma, & Bourn
    My: Verlander & Teheran

    2) His: CarGo, Iwakuma, & Hellickson
    My: Verlander & Teheran

    3) Keep what I have

    My team:

    C - Pierzynski, 1B - Fielder, 2B - Kipnis, SS - Prado, 3B - Zimmerman, OF - Adam Jones, Pence, Fowler, Util - Aaron Hill, Belt, Bench - Victorino, Aramis Ramirez
    SP - Verlander, Shields, Kuroda, Teheran, Lohse, Cingrani, Lackey (dropped Cueto)
    RP - Balfour, C. Janssen, Henderson, Ziegler, Grilli (DL)

    I'll answer your posts too. Thanks! :-)

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    • Anyone please? Thanks! :-)

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      • The biggest issue holding back your decision making is over valuing your players. Ignore that Cargo is injured, if you were that worried about it you wouldn't make the offer since you are offering the trade, i.e. you created the demand. So, fyi, a healthy Cargo by himself is worth Verlander and Teheran. And you are getting 2 additional useful players in addition to winning the deal if it was a healthy Cargo by himself.

        Stop worrying about you giving up too much, if you want Cargo then pick either trade you like better based on your team scoring needs going forward. Ie. which categories can you catch others in, and have more managers ahead of you in those categories since that's worth counting points to you to score more points to raise your ranking. If you are well ahead in SP categories, then you don't need a second SP (Hellickson) thrown in. If you are well ahead in batting and need pitching (then you don't entertain this trade at all in the first place) you don't need Bourn.

        Without really any real information other than "to help my hitting is very enticing", "I'm needing RBIs and BA" it sounds as if 1) is the trade for you assuming you can maintain going forward what you have in the Verlander/Teheran categories you're giving up.

      • Anyone here? Please help. Thanks!


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