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  • Eduardo m Eduardo m Aug 18, 2013 8:51 PM Flag

    Slumping hard... need help.

    My Team has never been dominate but they have always been consistently good. Goos enough to build a 10 game lead in first, but my team has been slumping really hard of late. I'm trying to search waivers with ought much luck. If anyone can provide any advice i would really appreciate it. My lead is now down to 4 games.

    c - posey
    1b - C. Johnson
    2nd - cano
    ss- tulo
    3rd - machado
    of - dominic brown, ellsbury, gardner
    bn - alverez, crawford, jeter, kemp

    sp - Tehran, fernandez, Bumgarner, Harvey, Darvish
    rp - papelpbon, street, soriano, de la rosa,
    dl - grilli

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    • That team wouldn't be in the top 2 in my 12 team league. Your league must be all bunched together with the last place team being no more than 20 games out of 1st place.

      I can't see owning any of your bench players in a 10 team league.

      Your SPs are solid but you have no depth. Since you quote your lead in "games" and not "points" I assume it is H2H and not roto. I can't see you winning Ws or Ks with just 5 SPs.

      Why would you keep a closer in your DL slot? Closers are rentals only. If he isn't currently in an active closer role then he does not need to be on your roster.

      You have 1 too many RPs. Dump one and add a SP.

      You have no backup at C, 1B, or 2B. That is a problem in H2H.

    • You're in first but don't dominate? Sounds fishy. Anyways I agree with pops about the bench bats. I would say you should have them but not of that high quality. I'm saying you can trade those guys for SP or 1B help.

    • Come playoff time, I'm not sure you want all those bench bats unless some of those are Utility positions. While it's true bench guys provide insurance, it's very unlikely they will all help you win in the playoffs. I would dump Jeter because there are probably better SS in the FA and try to find a hot SP. Hard to name names without knowing who is available and how deep your league is, but any ATL SP is worth owning, and you can try Salazar or Gray until they prove untrustworthy. I'm also watching Estrada closely tmrw. Note that Fernandez and Harvey may be shutdown before the end of the fantasy season, so they may be worth trading if your deadline hasn't passed.


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