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  • brad brad Aug 16, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

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    In the same league I was just offered 2 trades. The first trade offer is Alex Wood for my Hisashi Iwakuma. The other trade offer is Kris Medlen for my Homer Bailey. Would you take either trade?

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    • I would take both.

      Medlen has underperformed this year but you only need him to be solid for 5 weeks.
      Alex Wood is this year's version of last year's Mike Minor (diagram that sentence).

      The Braves have the best record in all of baseball and play in the worst division in all of baseball. They are the only team with a winning record in their division. I would do everything I could to get Braves starting pitchers when you consider they have the backing of the Braves' bats, Braves defense (plus defense in the middle infield and all around the outfield), and the Braves bullpen (Kimbrel and friends).

      Sorry...this is just an #$%$ out stupid question to be asking...I don't care how good you think Iwakuma and Bailey are.

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      • Both Bailey and Hisashi have been very mediocre lately, so I don't have a problem with your trading them. I would do the Bailey one for sure. It's possible you could get more for Hisashi, but with the trade deadline approaching in most leagues, you'd prob want to send a counter offer pretty quickly.

        I can see why you'd post this question, though. Hisashi was at one point a very solid pitcher with somewhat favorable park and division and it's hard to just let him go.


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