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  • JOSHUA JOSHUA Aug 15, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Should I target Adam Jones or Matt Cain?

    Hi folks. This is a 12 team, roto, 5x5, & non-keeper league. I'm in first place, & I would like to make a trade with a team who is asking for sb's, average, era, & whip. He's not interested in SP because he's well over his innings pitched. I'm well under innings pitched. I'm interested in his Jones & Cain. Even though I could gain a few more points with acquiring Cain, I'm also looking to maintain my advantage in runs scored and other offensive categories. I don't need sb's because I'm in 2nd in that category, & I won't be caught. I'm leaning towards going after Jones because of the number & quality of sp's I already have. Suggestions?

    My offense: C - Lucroy, 1B - C. Johnson, 2B - Kipnis, SS - Dozier (I lost E. Cabrera), 3B - Beltre, OF - McCutchen, Holliday, Victorino, Util - Smoak, Reddick, Bench - Francisco, DL - Pujols
    My pitching: SP - Lee, Bumgarner, Shields, A. Sanchez, Peavy, E. Santana, Beachy, Leake
    RP - Papelbon, Rivera, C. Janssen, Melancon, Hawkins

    I was thinking of the following proposals for both scenerios:

    My: Victorino & Melancon (takes care of all four of the other team's requests)
    His: Jones


    My: Melancon (based on this year's performance, he's been much better than Cain)
    His: Cain

    My thinking is that I'm also going after Desmond (in a separate trade) to help my offense, & I could get Cain to help when I give up SP to get Desmond. However, getting Jones & Desmond would also help my offense.

    I will answer your posts too. Thanks!

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    • OK this post is a joke, right?

    • If I can trade a $100 bill for a $20, then I'll trade my '70 VW bug for a '14 Ferrari because the Ferrari is just sitting in the guys garage not being used and I drive my bug every day, it's clearly more valuable.

    • Wow those two trade offers honestly made me laugh. I wonder what it would be like if you offered those in your league let alone in a real league. If you honestly think Melancon could get you Cain even with his innings pitched you are sorely, SORELY mistaken. You are going to need a bat to get Cain and it would have to be Holliday or Beltre. For Jones, it would be much higher because all he has is batting to look to. I noticed you have Bumgarner and no more CarGo, did you trade like I proposed?

    • That was funny reading your response to my Dynasty Question.
      Sorry we could not agree on anything this year
      Okay as to your proposal If you can get Jones using Melancon/Victorino do it and don't look back. I am not a big Matt Cain fan so be careful on that front. I see you are going after Desmond and giving up an SP. If Cain is better than the SP you are giving up than by all means go for him.

      Here is my point having traded Jones this year for Votto and hindsight being 20/20 Jones is the star of this entire conversation. Go for Jones first then as a fall back you do the Cain trade and the Desmond trade.

      I hope this makes sense.

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      • I'm glad you got a kick out of reading the response to your Dynasty question. I hope that my feedback helps you. :-) I really appreciate your feedback. I will go after Jones first. If that doesn't work, then, I'll go after Cain & Desmond. :-) We still have time to work out a trade before Sunday's trade deadline if you want to try & work out something. :-) Thanks again!

    • Anyone please?


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