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  • ScottA ScottA Aug 9, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    Reason to draft CLOSERS

    The teams I drafted at least one top notch closer, and one solid closer, I now have 5 or more closers to choose from. The leagues that I did not draft a 2nd closer, or waited til late to grab another, I have maybe 3. The leagues I didnt draft the closers highly, I HAVE NO CHANCE OF WINNING. I spent so much of the early and mid season chasing saves that not only was I taking chances on closers that blew up, but I was missing out on batters that are now being very productive, including Chris Davis.

    So, now not only am I way behind in saves
    I am also lagging in batting stats
    My ERA and Whip are inflated.

    Lesson? #$%$ the experts. DRAFT AT LEAST 3 solid CLOSERS, or take chance of missing out on better players at other positions. Lesson learned here.

    Closers=High per inning K's, Saves, and low ERA/Whip
    as well as missing other opportunities chasing closers....

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    • I retained Rafael Soriano, Addison Reed and Kenley Jansen at the league minimum salary and then paid $11 for Kyuji Fujikawa at the March auction. I've run away with saves in my 10-team league after picking up free agents Edward Mujica, Koji Uehara and Jose Veras (dropping Veras when he lost his gig). I now have Soriano, Reed and Mujica on my bench because of an innings limit, keeping Jansen and Uehara for their peripheral numbers.

    • FWIW there is a team in my league that had 0 closers off the bat with Cook/Jensen/Uehara and he almost never lost ERA/WHIP. Now he is starting to win saves and chasing my #%$ for first. I don't think it makes sense to make blanket statements about closers (how many, when to draft) when there are almost always exceptions

    • I'm with Mike P & #$%$ Strong. Good closers are always available, & a lot of teams go through closer changes/adjustments during the season. I do like getting several good closers during the draft, but I wait until the later rounds. You miss out on good hitting if you take the top closers in the top 10 rounds. It's really not worth it. I'm winning & in the top three in most of my leagues due to my strategy. I do mix things up from league to league, but I find that you don't have to have three dominant closers in the first 10 rounds to win a league.

      Please answer my post "Trade Advice". Thanks!

    • I drafted closers at the end of the draft, but I am still in first place. I have a 2/12 in saves, but my team can pitch and hit. It is a lot easier to find a save on waivers than to find 30 home runs. Cabrera/Chris Davis/Segura. You can have your closers.

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      • Standard 5X5 league, a 2 in any category puts you down at 110 points already. Lose a couple points in Whip and ERA, and perhaps your starters dont get the wins even with low ERA's. Suddenly, you are looking at 100 points. Then if you have another Competitor in your league with nearly the same success in all the categories, also around 100 points, you are in a dogfight, one that because you dont have the saves in, he has the edge. That is the situation I face in a couple leagues. Great across the board, except saves.

        I did not get Chris Davis, I was busy trying to find a closer. I did not get Segura, I was looking for a closer. Cabrera, Which one? How easy is it for the player that does get Davis to lead in Homers? How easy is it for someone with a Segura to lead in steals? All are more points gone. Picking up Tazawa, miss out of Uehara. Expect Rosenthal, and yet Mujica closes. A little bad luck, and Heck, I would have been winning those leagues.

        Both Davis and Segura were FA's in all leagues. We arent talking draft here. If you know you have 2 reliable closers to start, you can be out there taking chances on Davis and Segura as opposed to Tazawa, and Rosenthal. (maybe not those players in particular)

        I dont take the 1st closer off the board, EVER, My point being, that double digit points totals in every category, except saves, may just land you at 2nd place in your league. And SECOND PLACE is FIRST LOSER. (lord knows I have too many of those)

    • This is a very stupid post. I drafted one closer in the 14th round - Reed, and now have Reed/Mujica/Uehara/Melancon/Farquhar. Think you are gonna beat me with your dump squad? Wish you drafted Motte in the 6 round still? Get lost, stupid.

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      • I didn't draft any closers at all. I am in 2cd place on both my teams. Picked up guys like Mujica, Jansen, Cishek from FA and have been doing just fine.

      • I agree, Mike. Unless it is a 16 team league or larger...you can always find a closer (or 3) in the FA pool by being an active manager. I always have 3 closers and I drafted two this year and picked up Parnell once he earned the gig coming out of spring training. Once Parnell hit the DL I picked up Fields and then I dropped Fields and added Farquhar. I still have 3 closers. There is no need to waste a prime draft position (anything higher than 13th round) on a closer.

    • I agree with #$%$ Strong. An example of normal drafting for my teams over the last 10 years. First closer I drafted was Grilli in rd. 14, Perkins in 17, League (uggh) in 20. Obviously dropped League early and picked up closers as the incumbents lost their jobs. The 2nd place team in 12 team league saves is 21 behind me, he has 86. Point being, closers are not that big of a deal in the draft, just draft well. And this is (mostly) consistent every league, every year.

    • I have never NOT drafted a closer. I have also never drafted a closer before round 12 and I try not to draft a closer until round 15 or 16. I drafted 2 closers this year and added 1 from the FA pool before the season starts. All MLB closer positions are never set before the season starts. There are always closers that go undrafted (unless it is a 16 team league or larger) so you can truly wait until after the draft and add 3 closers from the FA pool if you so desire.

      There is no need to ever draft a closer if you don't want to however you should always own 3 closers and never own more than 4 closers.

    • I drafted one closer, and that was in a late round, Ernesto Frieri. I knew that closers never last and I would be able to pick up many over the year instead of wasting draft picks. At one point I had Jansen (through trade), Henderson, Brothers, Ziegler, Farquhar. You don't need to draft closers. Maybe one solid one thats it.

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      • Must be no competition. The leagues I am in, if you are not picking up the newly appointed closer within 2 hours of the announcement, then you have missed out. I seemed to always pick the WRONG future closers. News was one guy to be the closer, and manager takes another, so I missed out on several due to wrong choice. I am at or near the top in all my leagues. Due to the saves situations, I likely wont win a couple of them due to that. 2nd or 3rd place is not what I am after. Right or wrong, I rather have the established 2 closers and not spend much of the season chasing saves. In the more challenging leagues, you dont have time to take a #$%$, or you will miss out, just that plain and simple.

    • I don't think you should completely not draft any closers. But I definitely think you should take them in very late rounds. My closers right now are Mujica/Jansen/Benoit/Rodney and I have Grilli on the DL. I'm in a H2H league and I have won saves almost every week. The only one of my current closers I actually drafted is Rodney (and Grilli in a late round) and Rodney has been my worst closer.

    • I never draft closers. Unless you are getting Kimbrel or someone like that, drafting closers is useless because most closers are a year to year thing. I never draft closers and pretty much always win K's, Wins, and i usually win one out of the two between the era and whip and my offense is stacked because i didnt waste early picks on closers and i therefore win at least 3 but usually 4 of the offensive categories and i usually win my matchups 6-4 or 7-3 and ive been utilizing this strategy for 5 years and it has won me a decent amount of money.

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      • Gregory, I think you have adequately articulated the difference between owning quality hitters that contribute in 5 categories, or quality starting pitchers that contribute in 4 categories, or closers that contribute in exactly 1 category.

        Own hitters over pitchers first and foremost. Then own starting pitchers. Closers/relievers bring up the rear. By doing this you have been able to have a strong advantage in the 10 standard scoring categories...7 of which are counting stats (R, HR, RBI, SB; W, K, SV) and 3 of which are average stats (BA, ERA, WHIP). Since the only counting stats that isn't controlled by hitters or starting pitchers is saves (SV) you do need some closers...but "quality" isn't an issue because a closer does not pitch enough innings to have a significant affect on your ERA or WHIP and they don't often acquire wins. Thus, a closer is an afterthought and you can wait as long as you feel is prudent before acquiring a closer. And if that means not drafting a closer...don't draft a closer.


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