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    Rate team, strengths and weaknesses

    This is a competitive H2H standard 5X5 12-man. I'm in first by 1.5 Games (.615 WP), 118 moves but just hanging on. Where can I improve? I almost always win AVG, R, SB, W, K, and SV. SV worries me since I have a lot of iffy temp closer, and although my SP are good, I never win ERA/WHIP because they are so inconsistent. Given up on HR/RBI unless I have an easy matchup.

    C-Victor Martinez
    OF-Cargo (headed to DL)

    SP-Moore (DL)
    SP-Gio Gonzalez
    SP-Shelby Miller
    SP-Ervin Santana
    RP-A. Chapman
    RP- B. Ziegler
    RP-J. Cisnero (HOU closer?)
    RP-D. Farquhar

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    • 1) Lawrie must go. Hell...Brock Holt would be a better choice and Brock Holt ain't sticking around anywhere.
      2) Austin Jackson must go. You would be much happier with Kole Calhoun as long as Peter Bourjos doesn't bump him from the LAA starting lineup.
      3) There is never a reason to have Colby Rasmus in your lineup.
      4) You have no backup at C, 2B, 3B, or SS. That needs to change. There is no reason to roster 9 SPs.
      5) I repeat...there is no reason to roster 9 SPs. Really? Dan Haren? Haren is single-handedly imploding your ERA and WHIP. Haren, Fister, and Santana can all go. Drop 2 of the 3 immediately and shore up your bench bats.
      6) There is no reason to roster 4 closers. Houston is closing by committee. Drop Cisnero.

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      • #$%$,
        1. I'm lost as to why you feel it necessary to have a backup player at every position in a H2H setup? While the C position naturally has more days off, rostering 2 C's isn't really a great idea as well unless you have a guy like napoli who has double eligibility. You can't get anything out of your BN players unless you can routinely put them in your lineup. The best way to maximize their output, especially in a H2H w/o an innings limit, is to have many SP.
        2. Also why not have 4 RP? you get SV, K, ERA, WHIP and an occasional W out of them, they tend to be undervalued in most leagues. One team in my league has 6 RP and I would give you that 6 is too many and hurts his overall pitching staff.
        3. I am with you on Lawrie, with the exception that he has been producing in four cats lately. Rasmus will typically be a 3 cat producer, again exception is that his BA has been much more productive this year.

        Out of general curiosity, what does your team look like this year?

      • I agree about Lawrie, and Rasmus. Desperately trying to replace Lawrie. I had Donaldson but he has been awful lately, so traded him. I just added Rasmus because Gargo was hurt all of last week, and dropped him today. Not sure I could drop Jackson but maybe. He helps me in runs, and I think he will turn it around. Hopefully... but yeah, I could drop him eventually.

        The reason to own 9 SP is that I win W and K every week without fail. All of the SP on my team are owned in the majority of leagues. I don't think it's fair to say Haren has been ruining my ERA/WHIP. I added him after the all star break and he's been solid since. I figure own him for now. Also, what's wrong with Santana and Fister??? Santana has a 2.97 ERA/1.07 WHIP, both top 20 among all SP. He's had maybe one bad start in the last two months. Fister has also been pretty reliable, but perhaps on a shorter leash. If anything, I would drop him. Meanwhile, Verlander has been killing me.


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