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  • Andy C Andy C Aug 2, 2013 12:26 AM Flag

    Keeper League Trade

    I get: Carlos Santana, Ben Zobrist
    I give: Justin Upton, Matt Moore


    We keep 5 from year-to-year (Fielder, Wright, Longoria, McCutchen are locks for next year, then either Carlos Gomez or Justin Upton...Gomez if I had to decide today)

    I'm currently in first place, but last in average (it's tight, though...only .005 away from gaining 4 points) and needing some RBI help. Also I have Granderson coming back this weekend (hopefully I can get more than a weeks-worth of ABs out of him) to an already crowded OF (we play 4: Cutch, Upton, Puig, Gomez, Byrd) Pitching is in good shape. He's far out of it, his main objective is to improve on his keepers for next year.

    My main question is: am I giving up too much? I feel like I might be. Santana and Zobrist will help me positionally and statistically where I need help, but I feel like I should get more for Upton and Moore. Thoughts?

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