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  • Rich Rich Jul 31, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

    Rate my team

    12 team league H2H
    C- Pierzynski
    1b- Morales
    Ss- Reyes
    OF- Holliday
    OF- Bruce
    OF- A-Jax
    Util- Longo
    Util- De Aza
    Bench: Rasmus


    SP: Harvey, Iwakuma, Cueto, Cain, Moore, Burnett, Wheeler, Fister
    RP- Grilli, Uehara, Parnell

    I'm in 1st currently by 4 games and the 3rd place team is 14 games back so I have the luxury of keeping Grilli and not getting another player, and waiting till he gets back for the stretch run.

    How can I improve my team?

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    • Your team is ok but I don't know how you are winning with it.

    • I really like your team. I'll give it a solid 9.

      C and 1B seem to be an issue, Jason Castro available? And Morales is below average, even a Brandon Moss is an upgrade to get you a HR a week. Every other position is very solid, except maybe the second UTIL spot. Pitching is one of the best I've seen, and there are gonna be teams that want a Cueto apor Cain (I know I would) and would give you a solid SP back (Colon?) plus an upgrade at one of those 3 positions I named. Even like Fister and De Aza could get you a solid player like Alex Gordon. Thatcher could be closer eventually in ARI so that's something to look for in Grilli's absence, by keep him. I wouldn't sell Harvey or Moore, because you don't want to change too much. Great team!

    • You're gonna make the playoffs, no doubt. It's about winning in the playoffs, which tends to require consistent players. Your starting pitching is good but concerns me a little come playoff time. It's not exactly full of "proven" names, though many of those "proven" guys (Verlander, Price, etc.) have stunk this year. Biggest worry is Harvey might be shut down by then. I'd trade him now for "proven" pitcher. Speaking of Mets, Wheeler as a rookie kidna worries ne. In a playoff matchup, he is a guy you don't want to start against a bad matchup. Could ruin your ERA/WHIP by walking bases loaded and making one bad pitch. Other than that, might try to trade Reyes and De Aza. Your team is built more for power than speed (Ajax doesn't really steal anymore), and I'd try to maximize it rather than be balanced, since this is H2H. I don't think Reyes is a guy I'd ever want because he is so injury prone. You might also find a better catcher off the FA down the stretch. Pier is solid, but a hot catcher can out-do him in the playoffs

    • Your team is a 5.5 out of 10.

      You have one too many SPs.
      You have no backup at C, 1B, 2B, or SS.
      You lack team speed.
      Cabrera and Reyes are not enough to offset certain batting average detractors.

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      • Bench depth is way overrated, especially in H2H leagues with no innings limit.

        This is a solid team. In a 12 team league it makes sense this is a 1st or 2nd place team. My biggest concern would be your pitching during the playoffs. Harvey is your "ace" and he may not be pitching or pitching limited innings. Same with Wheeler. Cain isn't right. Cueto is made of porcelain apparently.

    • That is a bad #$%$ pitching staff and a solid lineup. If anything, I would try to sell Cueto (unreliable), package him with De Aza to see if you can upgrade that Utility slot. Other than that, you look to be good to go and in 1st place. If it ain't broke, don't fix it yeah?

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      • Lol no it's not a bad pitching staff. Harvey (nuff said), Iwakuma (very good), Ceuto (Hurt but when he comes back he's a very good pitcher), Cain (sucks this year but has improved recently and his track record is too good to continue to struggle, Moore (good), Burnett (very underrated. gets k's, good era), Wheeler (eh, but has potential to turn it on), fister (has really picked it up lately and has had good 2nd halfs in his career)
        so I don't see how that's a horrible pitching staff. All of them except 1 or 2 are well above average.
        Oh I have Sabathia too but he's #$%$ and I'm about to trade him.


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