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  • Max Max Jul 30, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

    Justin Upton Value - Dynasty

    12 Team H2H Dynasty last place

    Im looking to deal Upton but don't know what I should try to get back and who id be able to get back. I don't need him, he sits on my bench for the most part. My team wont win it this year so im trying to build for next year, so young guys/prospects are who i am thinking. So who should I target? Thanks

    C: Arencibia
    1B: Butler
    2B: Gyorko (2B, 3B)
    3B: Lawrie (2B, 3B)
    SS: Scuataro (2B, 3B, SS)
    LF: Marte (LF, CF)
    CF: McCutchen
    RF: Heyward (CF, RF)
    Util: Ortiz (1B)
    BN: Upton (LF, RF), Miller, Beltran (CF, RF), Crisp (LF, CF), Crawford (LF)
    DL: Zunino and Pagan
    Prospect: K. Wong and G. Green (really on the bench)

    SP: Hamels, Fernandez, Minor, Lester
    RP: Burton, Paco, Veras
    P: Eovaldi and T. Jordan
    BN: Guthrie, Wheeler
    DL: Cobb, Motte, Madson
    Prospects: T. Walker, T. Skaggs, M. Wacha, J. Odorizzi, R. De La Rosa (all on NA spot)

    I feel like my SP is a little weak and 1B could use an upgrade but other than that I think im good for the future. OF locked down and so is my MI, 3B, and C. If Butler can turn it around my Offense is fine. I got a lot of top pitching prospects that hopefully will pan out. Well anyways what do you think and who should I targer? Thanks!

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    • Your starting pitching is more than a little weak but your hitting is terrible. You would be in the bottom half of a 16 team league with your atrocious hitting.

      1) Why do you have 8 OF? You can never play 8 OF at one time. You have 3 OF slots and 1 UTIL. Thus, the most OF you can play at one time is 4. Thus, you only need 5 OF at the absolute most.

      2) Why is Brett Lawrie on your roster? He is barely able to stay on a MLB roster...he definitely should not be on a fantasy baseball roster.

      3) Why is Marco Scutaro a starter? Scutaro is nothing more than bench depth for fantasy baseball purposes.

      4) In a league with one UTIL slot your UTIL player should be a 5 category contributor.

      You have an atrocious INF. You have eleventy kabillion OF that you cannot use (read: useless players on your roster). And you have a pitching staff that you think is "a little weak" that is weaker than Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds.


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