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  • Rich Rich Jul 30, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

    CC Sabathia for Dunn

    Do I drop Sabathia and pick up Dunn?

    My pitching is pretty good: Harvey, Iwakuma, Ceuto, Cain, Fister, Moore, Burnett, Peavy, Wheeler

    Hitting is okay but I don't have much depth: Pierzynski, Morales, Hill, Reyes, Miggy, Bruce, Jackson, Holliday, Longo, De Aza, Rasmus

    With that said, is Dunn better for my team because he can help out at Util or 1b, where I'm weak at?

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    • How does Adam Dunn add depth to your hitting? Anybody that believes Adam Dunn gives a fantasy baseball team (or a real baseball team) hitting depth should kill themselves (or at least quit playing fantasy baseball).

    • I'd hang onto CC, hes shown hes much better down the stretch than the Dunn Swamp Donkey. I am a life long Sox fan, and this is one of the worst teams Ive seen in my lifetime, with Adam Dunn at the root. Run away from the Swamp Donkey!!

    • Is Micheal Morse available? He appears to be healthy, if Dunn is available then Morse is probably available too.

    • 1) There is never a need to roster Adam Dunn.
      2) Your hitting is okay? Since when? All you have is Cabrera. Reyes is good and should produce the remainder of the year. Holliday, Longoria, and De Aza are all adequate and won't move you backwards but your hitting is far from "okay".

      Eric Chavez, Darin Ruf, Daniel Nava, Brandon Belt, Matt Adams, Yonder Alonso, Garrett Jones, Chris Johnson, Adam LaRoche, Mike Carp, and Juan Francisco are all better 1B options than Adam Dunn.

      Hell...if you want an Adam Dunn clone that does a better impression of Adam Dunn than Adam Dun...get Chris Carter!!!

    • I don't like owning Dunn just because of the drain on average. But if you can absorb the average hit and need the HR he might be an okay get.

      Could you not package CC with a bat and get a better 1B in return than Dunn? I agree that you're weakest point is 1B, but I'm not sure about dropping pitching depth just to pickup hitting depth. I don't know how many starting positions your league has, but hitting depth is way over-rated. Get the best set of starters you possibly can and then roster the minimum number of bench guys it takes to have a backup at most positions and just find guys riding hot waves from F/A. Most of your htiters are everyday players anyway, which means your bench guys are going to spend most of their time on the bench.


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