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  • Paul Schwartzberg Paul Schwartzberg Jul 28, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    Replying to CarGo/Lawrie or Heyward/HanRam - ROS and as keepers

    I'm within striking distance of 1st in my keeper league and got offered Heyward, HanRam, Beachy, CJ Wilson and Chris Perez for my CarGo.  Offer is coming from bottom of the standings from a guy just looking to upgrade fom Heyward to CarGo as a keeper. He would not be keeping HanRam.

    It's a 13 team league, 5 keepers (no contracts or draft slots to consider). Average, OBP, runs, HR, RBI, net steals and batter K's on offense, wins, QS, era, whip, k's and net saves in pitching.

    I'm pretty good in SP and crushing in saves before the trade, but my offense is slightly above average and can use help in most areas except speed.  If I make the deal I'll also have a big surplus in SP to offer in trade for hitters.

    Keepers before trade: CarGo, McCutchen, Kipnis, Lawrie and either Sale or Fernandez.  I HATE keeping 2 SP, but might do it this once rather than keep Lawrie.

    Keepers after trade: McCutchen, Heyward, HanRam, Kipnis and again, Sale or Fernandez.

    I plan to try to flip closers for offense help whether I make this deal or not, but it's tough to make trades in this league, and there aren't strong matches with the people I know are looking for RP help.

    Wil this trade A) help me win this year? help me in the future?

    I hate giving up CarGo, but like Heyward's youth. But his inconsistency worries me.  I feel like he could either go the way of Miggy Cabrera or BJ Upton.  HanRam is an obvious upgrade over Lawrie, but he's had some issues in recent years too.  And I do like Lawrie's potential.

    I am usually not indecisive at all, but this offer is driving me insane and I have no idea which is the right way to go.


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