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  • All in the same league.

    Traded Headley + Cobb for David Wright

    Traded Segura + Chris Davis + Middlebrooks for Mike Trout

    Traded Mike Trout + David Wright for Miguel Cabrera + Puig

    Just traded Puig + Colon for Harper + Strasburg

    Essentially traded Headley/Cobb/Segura/C.Davis/Colon for Cabrera/Harper/Strasburg throughout the season

    Lineup in 12 team league
    C Rosario
    1 Votto
    2 Carpenter
    3 Cabrera
    S Castro
    O Stanton
    O Harper
    O D.Brown
    U Bourn
    U Hunter
    B W.Myers

    P Strasburg
    P Hamels
    P Dickey
    P Gallardo
    P Fister
    P Burnett
    P Liriano
    P Samardzija
    P Teheran
    P Beachy
    P Nova
    R Street
    R Benoit

    You think I made my team better? Or should I have kept Davis and Segura? I thought Castro would have started turning it out around by now.

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    • It's very close, but I personally think you may have made too many moves. Miggy is a stud, but I would have liked the look of your overall team better with Segura/Davis/Wright. The team below, to me, is better than the team you're fielding now overall. Offensively, you basically traded Wright/Segura/Davis for Cabrera/Castro/Harper and I like side a better there. Pitching wise you basically traded Colon for Strausburg, which is an upgrade, but not enough of one to offset what I think is an overall offensive downgrade. Maybe if you had someone else besides Castro to play SS I'd feel diferently.


    • Can I be in your league? Apparently there are some really stupid managers.


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