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  • Kenneth Kenneth Jul 21, 2013 3:53 PM Flag

    Should i drop..

    Cespedes for Ibanez who is still available on waivers, i tried shopping Cespedes but no one will take him or other teams are just inactive.

    12 team H2H N-KL

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    • No. Who are your other bench players? I guarantee you have someone else worth dropping more. Cespedes has a decent chance of coming around in the second half. And then those jerks in your league will just scoop him up for free.

      You need a better league.

    • Drop Aybar before Cespedes. Any suspensions coming down probably won't take effect this season so Everth is fine for you. And in a 12 team league either Franklin or Miller (Both Mariners) might be available if needed. Heck I'd take Franklin now over half your team.

      Loney is dropable too. Plenty of OF with 1B eligibility you could pick up in a 12 team league if Chris Davis goes down.

      But Cespedes, he is fine on your bench for now. And if he goes on one of his tears, you will have him ready to go. He can carry a team when hot. Way more valuable than Aybar or Loney.

    • I'm trying to get rid of Cespedes in my league too no one seems interested. I'd drop Aybar before Cespedes because Cespedes does have the abilities to bounce back and obviously has more abilities than Aybar. Can you answer my Sell or Buy post?