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  • Antonio Antonio Jul 18, 2013 4:38 AM Flag

    #$%$ Strong -- your assistance in the deal and my roster?

    10 team
    Roto standard 5x5 categories
    Standard roster
    2nd year keeper, 10 keepers, keeper value is round drafted

    I have been wanting Goldschmidt for a while, and finally have a pending deal for him. Wondering how this trade looks for my roster overall? - Overpaid a bit? - worth it?

    The deal:
    I send: H. Ramrez (round 2), B. Parnell (round 23), H. Kendrick (round 6)
    I receive: P. Goldschmidt (round 14), N. McClouth (Not interested to keep)

    My roster after trade: probable keeper*
    C J. Mauer
    1B P. Goldschmidt* (round 14)
    2B J. Kipnis* (round 18)
    3B K. Seager* (round 10)
    SS E. Cabrera* (round 17)
    OF R. Braun* (round 1)
    OF J. Bautista
    OF J. Upton* (round 5)
    Util B. Butler* (round 11)
    Util N. Franklin - would be round 10 value

    BN N. McClouth
    BN C. Headley

    SP M. Cain - has 8th round value, but won't be a keeper
    SP F. Hernandez* (round 3)
    RP J. Johnson
    RP H. Street
    P M. Harvey* (round 9)
    P J. Zimmerman* (round 13)
    P E. Frieri
    P J. Papelbon

    BN M. Leake
    BN D. Robertson
    DL B. Beachy

    Wondering how you view this deal and my roster for the second half? You have a lot of knowledge, do your homework, and always bring in facts and stats in your posts. Interested in representing that in this post?:)

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    • That was an awful deal for you.

      You should have packaged Billy Butler and Everth Cabrera with Parnell for Goldschmidt.

      No way in hell Hanley goes anywhere. He is healthy and his "per game" stats are through the roof. Sort the LEAGUE LEADERS based off PER GAME overall rankings for the season. Where is Hanley Ramirez? Hell...he put up a 20/20 season with better than average HR and RBI totals with a lousy BA last year. This year his BA is back AND he is running AND he plays 3B and SS.

      Kendrick is finally starting to live up to his hype (many said he would win multiple batting championships...hint: look at his minor league stats on Baseball-Reference).

      Sorry...there is no way I can justify that trade.

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      • ok. this is why i asked for your opinion. bring information to the discussion that most dont. have to disagree with you though. I think no way Everth Cabrera goes anywhere, round 17 keeper. curious why you would trade cabrera?

        thinking about this from a keeper league point of view. 2nd round 29 year old hanley ramirez or 14th round 25 year old paul goldschmidt

        kendrick - yes i knew about the hype that many would think hed win multiple batting championships. thats fine - i have kipnis as a round 18 keeper for 2B

        thank you for your reply. came through with information and the response.

    • I make this trade Goldschmidt is in a hitters park and will more than off set the loss of HanRam. You are having to overpay a little but that is the only way you are getting someone like him.


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