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  • brad brad Jul 13, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

    Trade Value Help

    Do Marco Scuatro or Todd Frazier have any trade value or no?

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    • Scutaro was the best hitter in baseball from late April to late June. If you can find someone that needs a 2B or SS then maybe. But I think "erics" is probably right on with his worthless trade comment. Most fantasy owners want big name players that hit HR. If you send a good note with the offer explaining his value to a needy 2B/SS team then you might get a bite. Don't think Frazier has much value although he's been playing well and if there was a time to sell, the time is now,

    • It would depend on how deep your league is. If you have more than 12 teams they may hold some value, but very little. If your in 12 teams or less, they hold about as much value as a pocket of lint. Nobody's kicking the tires on the trade market asking if Scutaro is available. He really only helps you in batting average. You may be able to find someone to take Frazier off your hands, but it will more than likely involve some kind of package deal. I own him in a 12 team and no one will touch him especially since he hasn't done anything in like forever. In another 12 teamer he was dropped weeks ago and no one has touched him.


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