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  • matt matt Jul 5, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

    New to roto

    About to start my first roto league. I know the basics so I'm not looking for anything crazy in-depth. I was just wondering if you guys had any advice or tips for me. Going into the draft should I just go at it like I normally would with a H2H league? Should I go strong pitching? hitting? Or try to level it out. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    • Roto is a statistic grab. It comes down to scoring the most stats in every category possible, compared to your opponents, by one. So consider, there is no reason to win SBs by 100, or HRs by 40, if the result is suffering in other categories. Balance your numbers out. Find a 'normal' number you need to hit to win a league category, or come in close to winning, and spread your draft and the players you pick to fill in those numbers. High floors are important, pitching categories other than K/9 and saves can always be picked up in the FA pool throughout a full season utilizing match ups and innings caps. When choosing between 2-4 players every pick, don't fall in love with the names, it's all about the numbers, and only the numbers.

    • Odd to be drafting a new league in July. I've never played baseball H2H but in roto you want to try to balance out your draft. Pick hitters for the first three or four rounds and then work in starting pitchers as you go. Be careful of drafting too many young pitchers as they could be facing innings caps. You also don't want to punt categories like you can in h2h so make sure your pitchers get strikeouts, you have enough closers who won't be traded out of their job, you have enough steals etc. Any other specific questions just ask. Good luck.


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