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  • Mark Mark Jun 22, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    would you veto?

    team 1 gets P. Fielder
    Team 2 get s Cliff Lee and CC.Sabthia

    who wins and y?

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    • To answer the first question - this is nowhere close to being a veto. Whichever side one perceives gets the better deal is irrelevant to whether such a trade should go through or not. Since you're part of the deal, I'd be annoyed (regardless of whether you 'win' or 'lose') as two managers should be able to make trades as they see fit, and no other manager should veto unless there is cause for concern that there may be collusion or other shady activity.

      To answer your 'who wins' question - to me that is entirely irrelevant in a vacuum, as it all comes down to team needs, how each manager values the players involved, how each manager values pitching vs hitting etc. The goal is to win the league, not just the deal. If a deal helps your squad, then it's a win. It could also help the other squad so that is also a win for them.

      In summary - no veto and fine for both sides depending on team needs.

    • although if u jus said this trade was in a vaccuum id say Cliff/CC side wins but CC a wild card this year

    • not at all. although i cant cede who wins without knowing team needs. i was also in a trade controversy the 2nd place team gave me Harvey, Travis Wood and Nathan for Myers, Granderson and Beachy. he was big on grandy and had enough cushion to stash on dl and was all hyped on Myers and the last point was i gave him option of Josh Johnson or Beachy and sum reason he offered me this so i accepted. luckily it went through maybe we both win in the end who knows

    • you are stupid for even asking this.

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      • ohh lord. Another person who without knowing why the questions were asked would rather be a troll and not jus answer the question.. I'll spell it out for you in hopes that if anyone else decides to chime in with more #$%$ like your post will read this first and instead just answer the question and/or move on...
        If a trade was proposed to you and you accepted it, and one manager vetoed it and you was curious of what the yahoo fantasy community thought about it being veto-able, wouldn't you come to this message board to ask the question? Well if you said yes then you get why your post is out of line.. Now also being a manager involved in the trade, I was curious as to who yall thought get the better end of the deal. Again, this is the correct place to ask such questions, right? This is the "Draft and Trade Talk Message Board" right? So it seems that I have a perfect reason for asking such questions.. It also seems like you have no reason to post your response. This isn't the Be a Troll instead of answering the questions Message Board. Kindly take your negative posts that accomplish nothing somewhere else.

    • Not even close to veto worthy. You veto for obvious collusion and nothing else.

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      • I misread your post. I agree that it is not veto-able . I Was thinking that you were accusing me of being part of a collusion. I was a bit defensive do to a few other posts in this thread. Thanks for your input, and sorry for the misunderstanding. Take care

      • Sorry for the confusion but I was talking to John and not you Mark that is why my post is directly under his response and not yours. John is one of those managers that doesn't realize that good cheaters will not offer ONE completely lopsided trade that look like OBVIOUS collusion. They'll offer a bunch of trades to everyone so no other manager will notice the trades that do go through with his partner. They'll offer trades that aren't real lopsided but will do more than one of them with the same manager. Each individual trade appears (not lopsided) but there was a plan to get all the best players on one team, while the other team gets the average players. It happens and we all know it but when I hear those type of responses from people like John I have to chime in. Also that is why when I'm commish, all trades must be extremely fair talent wise or filling a glaring need for both managers but those managers that want to improve must do it with fair trades and not unfair ones. I would say your trade is definitely not even and by a long shot but I didn't say anything to you about it because I don't know your needs or your trade partners needs but I had to say something to John because it appeared to me that he might just be one of those types of managers. Think about it like this, if someone took a penny from you everyday would you notice, now, if someone took 100 bucks from you would you notice. It is a simple philosophy and if Yahoo free fantasy sports leagues are anything like cards or board games at Pogo then there are cheaters all over the place and good people have to combat that with knowledge.

      • you Sir, jump to conclusions... I am part of the trade. I am giving up Prince Fielder for the two pitchers. I had a manager veto the trade. I did not think a veto was in order. I came here for an opinion..

      • Lots of managers veto for reasons other than that, it happens all the time. Because you don't is your choice, don't demand others be held to your choices. If you do, then expect to be disappointed.

    • It's not even close to a veto.

      Asking who wins is infantile.

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      • Infintile? Seeing that I am one of the managers that are doing the trade, Coming to the Draft and Trade Talk Message Board to ask opinions on who they thing is getting the better end of the deal seems far from infantile.. What seems infantile is someone going to a thread and criticizing the question rather than answering it. If you weren't sure about my role in the topic, just ask and I would have explained in more detail. Or better yet just answer the questions or move on to the next thread. It is very easy to not be so condescending, and it might make your day a little brighter by being positive and productive instead of bringing that negative vibe to a message board where people go to try and help people. Wow

    • Why would you even consider a veto?

    • Team 2 wins but its no vetoable.


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