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  • SVD SVD Jun 17, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

    Strusburg or Miller to land Hitter?

    I just landed Cain in a deal to add pitching depth. I have Burnett, price on the DL for pitchers. I have miller and strausburg that are now expendable to land a solid hitter. What would i be able to get for one of them? I was thinking a Reyes, Segura, or Tulowitski? Would those be accepted and would any of them help my hits batting average and run categories in a ten team Head to head league?

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    • I would deal strausburg. Dealing with injuries, and miller has an offense that can help him get wins

    • I take it you need #$%$ You might be able to get any of those three under the right circumstances, but you'll need to take a look at the other manager's teams and figure out which mgr needs pitching help and can also afford to lose #$%$ Right now I have Segura, Reyes, and Tulo on one of my rosters. If someone shot me a trade offer of Strausburg or Miller for Reyes I'd take it. I wouldn't want to give up Segura since he's my only healthy option right now and I wouldn't want to give up Tulo unless you could offer more than Straus or Miller.

      Also, I recommend being fairly transparent. If you shoot an offer out of Strausburg, mention in the notes that you might also consider moving Miller if that seems more desirable.


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