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    2 teams , one owner. cannot confirm but the evidence is there. I looked at both profiles and they are in the same leauges. 6 or 7 of them. then I reviewed the trades in the leauge and they are all between the same two teams. Im just noticing now because a questionable trade . one team promptly dropped 2 of the players involved. which led me to the bit of detective work. He is probably doing it in the other leagues he is in too. yahoo doesnt make it easy to complain about it. what to do ?

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    • very frustrating I know. It happened to me in Hockey. The guy didn't even draft any goalies then made a trade for the 2 best goalies to a manager who didn't log in for a month but did to accept that trade. Then he was at the top of the waiver order and picked up one of the players that he just traded because the goalie manager dropped the player a few days after the trade. All uninjured great players were involved. That is just a few of the things that this guy did. The second managers response to us #$%$ was that he was new and didn't know that he had to make daily roster moves yet, he had 4 years of fantasy football on his profile. A bunch of us complained to yahoo but no help was given. Really, really frustrating when you have to sit there and watch it happen with no power to do anything but try to beat the maggot regardless of the fact that he was cheating. I came in second place by 3 points. Almost did it. Maybe you can talk to some other managers and have some just give up their best players to you so you can beat this fool. Good Luck


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