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  • Donny Donny Jun 14, 2013 5:32 PM Flag

    Machado Freeman for R. Zimmerman and goldshimdt

    8 team keeper league, 4 keepers a team! What side would you rather have in a roto league and why?

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    • i like machado and hes a great keeper but why is everyone talking about him like hes having some huge breakout year when goldy is the one having the better year. machado only has 5 homers and 5 steals while goldy has 15 and 6 and i think that trend will continue, not to mention goldy will get more rbis while the runs will be similar. avg should regress this year for both but a .300 year for either isnt out of the question and i think long term they will hit for a solid avg. i like zimmerman more than freeman, they both have injury concerns and zimmerman has proved he can contribute in more categories in the past. but i think this trade comes down to machado vs goldy and i think goldy will give you the better numbers

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      • Machado is 20 and his power and speed is still developing. Goldy's power will grow slightly but his speed will stop. Arizona won't want him to get hurt on the base paths when he can hit HRs. I'm a big Goldschmidt fan but Machado is too good of a keeper. Some people compare him to A-Rod, not bad to get a cheap A-Rod going into his prime on a few yrs

    • Do you watch baseball??? Take machado! You have a chance to get Machado for a very cheap price. Next years keeper rankings Machado will be in the top 10. Machado is like Trout and Harper but not as sexy of a name. Personaly I like Machado more because of 3B

    • Sure Goldy is top 3 1B right now but he's not going to be that for the rest of his career, more like 5-8 best 1B and 1B is DEEP. Goldy has a .313 AVG, that's not who he is, he's a power hitter and will go into slumps, he also gets a decent amount of SBs. In a few years he won't be running (maybe 5 a year) Machado is a safer keeper and 3B is SHALLOW and he will move to SS at some point which is a bonus.

    • Are you really going to be keeping Freeman or Zimmerman? No I dount it. Even if you were people say Freeman is going to win a batting title soon, plus Zimmerman gets hurt every year. Machado is like Trout and Harper take Machado side

    • Zimmerman Goldshmidt side by a lot.

      Zimm is barely 28, Goldy is 26.

      Zimm is a .287/.353/.488 guy proven over 7+ years. Goldy is a lights out .287/.363/.508 guy, both still have long careers.

      Machado and Freeman are a 20 and 24 year old tandem. .295/.327/.465 and .276/.345/.452

      The only way to consider the Machado/Freeman side to be the pick is maybe 7-10 fantasy seasons from now when you might get 2-3 more years out of this twosome. Make this trade 5 years from now maybe.

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