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  • Jorge Jorge Jun 10, 2013 6:47 PM Flag

    Help settle this trade argument

    A guy in our league traded McCutchen for Teixeria straight up....I feel that's a horrible trade. Help me settle this argument. What do you think of this trade?

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    • It's not a trade that I would make Cutch can really stuff a fantasy line and Teixeria has had a lot of trouble staying healthy the last few years. Did he need a 1B?

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      • Teixeira has been extremely healthy over the last 4 years, no less than 156 games played except last year where he had 123 and those numbers are since he was a Yankee. OF and base stealers get hurt a lot easier than the power hitters playing 1st base. Just ask yourself how long base stealers stick around in the major leagues and how long power hitters do, its a huge difference and I can give tons of examples. Not sure I call .285, 7 HR, and 30 RBIs for the entire season "stuffing a fantasy line" looks like he's stuffing it with average numbers to me and 2 years ago McCutcheon only hit .259 again pretty average.

      • He lost Moreland so I think he panicked but he still had Howard so I don't get it.

    • It is a fine trade. Not sure why you think it is bad. I mean Tex is the 3rd hitter in the Yankees lineup and will stay there as long as he is healthy. Is there a better team to be the 3rd hitter on than the Yankees, I don't think so. Just because Tex has been out for most of the year doesn't mean he is a bad player, his stats are down because he has only played for 2 weeks. In my opinion I would much rather have the 3rd batter in the Yankees lineup than the Pirates any day of the week and twice on Sundays. I have Tex and wouldn't trade him for McCutcheon straight up for nothing, not even if someone through in a RP or SP, I wouldn't do it.

      I don't mind commissioner rejecting trades if they are lopsided, unlike the trade mongers who believe no one should ever interfere ever even if it ruins the league for numerous other managers. In my opinion the team that got Tex got the better end of the trade, sorry if you don't agree but you can't simply look at yearly stats, check out weekly or monthly stats and then look at projected stats and I believe you will find it isn't a rape at all.

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      • I don't know.....I respect your opinion and I wanted to hear other sides of the story . For me, I would never trade Cutch for Tex. Cutch fills up the categories a lot more then Tex......Tex will bat .250 and get you 25 bombs but Cutch will give you better average and bags along with homers. I guess it does come down to position need also. Plenty of outfielders and not as much 1B out there. I'm also looking at last year stats not just this years. Tex has hardly played this year

    • I would vote against it if possible, but you need 3-4 more managers to feel the same.
      But if it goes through, it is what it is, there's only be one team you should be worrying about.

    • Yes its a stupid trade bun not vettoable

    • That is just an awful deal..hate when people stack one team through dirty trades like that

    • The trade is fine and you should stop trying to manage every team in the league.

      You are 10000% wrong.


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