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  • Kyle Kyle Jun 8, 2013 7:43 AM Flag

    Huge Yahoo Glitch

    Have you ever played in a league with a guy who does nothing but throw out terrible low ball offers that are 100% in his favor. Here is how you can get him back.

    1) Drop a player on your team without picking up a player first.
    2) Propose a trade in which you give up 1 player and get 2 back or you give up 2 and get 3 back. Yahoo will allow you to "get an extra guy in the trade," because you have the open roster spot.
    3) Make the trade very unfair so you know the other manager will accept it.
    4) Now pick up a player from the FA list since you have an open roster spot.
    5) The trade will not got processed because it will put you over the roster limit since you are gaining 1 player in the trade.

    Enjoy annoying the idiot who can't offer a decent deal. I have really #$%$ off 2 guys in my league who constantly propose terrible trades to everyone. They thought they were getting a great deal, but the trade never processed!!!

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    • I'll tell Yahoo, they'll process them for you. So does clicking the reject button get under your skin that bad? You have too much time on your hands if you have time to think of how to screw over other managers that are attempting to improve their team. They may not be the brightest managers in the league but they aren't acting like an underhanded snake, know what I mean?

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      • No, Yahoo wouldn't process it for you as you can not go over the roster limit. Can you explain to me how I screwed over other managers? You must be one of the managers I am talking about. All you do is send terrible offers to other owners. I find it funny when they accept a deal that is obviously unfair and then a couple days later they get an email saying the trade didn't process.

    • That's funny. Not really a glitch, but funny.


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