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  • Captain Awesome Captain Awesome May 24, 2013 8:44 PM Flag

    I remember the days when your thread didn't last long

    on the 1st page for 10-15 minutes. What happened? Now you see 3-4 threads per day. Is there a better forum site to get info?

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    • I think there is some kind of technical glitch that is keeping people from posting.
      I had a hard time posting this season. It just would not accept my yahoo ID's and kept asking me to sign on......I looked for a way to ask Yahoo about it, and I did not see how Yahoo even allowed us to ask a question. So I went to Yahoo answers once and someone told me that Yahoo had basically discontinued the message boards and was not supporting them. I thought about that for a while and thought it was weird that there were still some postings...even though they were very few. So I went on Yahoo answers one more time and asked again. This time someone told me about the glitch...I am not a techie, but he said something about Google chrome blocking access to the message boards. I did not even know I was using Google Chrome. I certainly never chose for Google Chrome to be doing anything for me. Anyway, the answerer said that I might be able to post if I got to the page where the message boards were, but before choosing a particular message board, I could try clearing my browsing history via the control panel and that might work. I tried it...and bingo ...I was able to post on the message boards.

      But its weird...that Yahoo has all these people that are being blocked (I am assuming accidentally from using their site fully and they are not doing anything to solve the problem.

      Anyway...the reason you see hardly any activity is that I am guessing most Yahoo users who play fantasy baseball and who in previous seasons would be posting hundreds of messages per day have given up on using the boards like before because of the glitch that I was running into intitially.
      If you have some way of getting in touch with Yahoo or if anyone else who is reading this can get in touch with Yahoo and tell them about this problem, maybe they can do something about it...at least I am hoping that this is not an intentional move on their part to cause people to not use their site as much as they want...as it would make no financial sense, since it means less ad views and clicks for them.


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