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  • Rob Rob May 23, 2013 10:35 AM Flag

    Matt Kemp for Carlos Gomez and Carlos Santana

    I just traded Carlos Gomez and Carlos Santana for Matt Kemp. I'd rather have Kemp over Gomez, and I have Posey. So, giving up Santana wasn't too much of an issue. Yan Gomes, and a few other C's are on waivers that can replace Santana I think.

    Thoughts? I'm 2-5, so I figured it couldn't hurt lol.

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    • at this point in the season I'd probably cut my loses and take it. Gomez has cooled off but a 20/20 is in the realms of possibilities. Santana is an OBP machine, if you league counts that. Oh wait, you traded that for Kemp, yeah I think you paid too much. Yan Gomes as a replacement for Santana?!! LOL thats crazy.

    • Gomez is red hot to start hte season and its not going to last. Santana is the 2nd best fantasy C. But if you have Posey, its a good roll of the dice. Kemp is a top10 talent when hes locked in. Now just hope his shoulder didn't permanently take his power.