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  • Andrew Andrew May 11, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

    Pujols Trade

    14 teams, 2 divisions
    Rosters: 21 slots, 14 starters, 7 bench
    Keepers: 4
    H2H, 7x7 cats
    Batters: Runs, hits,HR,RBI,SB,AVG,OPS
    Pitchers: Wins, Saves, K, Hlds,ERA,WHIP, K/9

    I have been offered this

    I get

    Albert Pujols

    2014 12th Rd draft pick

    I give

    Michael Bourn

    2014 2nd Rd draft pick

    I am in 13th out of 14tth place right now so not really sure if this will be good for me or not as I am probably already playing for next year and need to be looking at acquiring high draft picks not giving them away even though Pujols is or has shown to be a stud. I mean if I make this trade then I will have Pujols, Morneau and LaRoche so I would have to look at trading one of them, probably LaRoche but I mean I also like Bourn so, I mean what should I do in my position. Should I Be playing for next year already or is it too early still to be thinking about that.

    My team

    Yadier Molina

    Justin Morneau

    Robinson Cano

    Chase Headley

    Zack Cozart

    Mark Trumbo
    chiro Suzuki

    Andre Ethier

    Gerardo Parra

    Erick Aybar

    Daniel Murphy

    Chris Johnson

    Adam LaRoche

    Michael Bourn

    Derek Jeter (DL)

    Jurickson Profar (N/A)

    Jake Marisnick N/A)


    A.J. Burnett

    Justin Verlander

    Rafael Betancourt

    Aroldis Chapman

    Jesse Crain

    Chris Sale

    Paul Maholm

    Tyler Skaggs (N/A)


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