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  • MattRWWR MattRWWR May 2, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    Is This Even REMOTELY Fair?

    Carlos Gonzalez


    Starling Marte and Shelby Miller

    I'm the commish in my league, and I have to decide whether this trade should be disallowed or not. To me, it strikes me as a bit unreasonable.

    Thanks for your input.

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    • 2 young up and coming guys for a first rounder it maybe a little lopsided but Gonzo is only a 20-20 guy and is over rated as a first round pick what is your league saying about the trade as commish you need to ask them what they think being commish does`nt make you the league GOD I try to avoid league where the commish decides myself

    • Thanks for the replies everyone (especially Chris, Mike, and Travis who deemed my topic interesting enough to contribute their first and only post)!

      I'm still not entirely sold. To me, two players who don't have much more than a half season's experienced COMBINED being packaged together for an player who's proven to be a top-notch hitter (to the point of being ranked 8th in the overall draft ratings) is a bit much. Yes, Marte and Miller may have a decent month, but I don't see the team giving up his 2nd round pick (CarGo) as a way to help him climb out of the cellar in the rankings of our league.

      Also, when asked about whether the manager wished to really trade away his BEST playing player, he said his main motivation was to stop the constant badgering of trade proposals from the other manager, which to me is a huge red flag. Obviously, the manager giving up the two players wouldn't argue that he's getting gyped...

      Thanks for the input!

    • This trade is not unfair, in fact being as Outfield is very easily replaceable and deep, one could argue the person getting Gonzalez is getting the short end of the stick

    • I dont think its unfair...CarGo is coveted by a lot of people but hes not really the end all be all in anything...hes definitely good for sure, but both the other two players are very highly touted and playing very well thus far, and it is a 2 for 1 deal....I say let the trade go through.

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      • I agree with Chris, I dont think its as unfair as you think it is. Who knows, Marte or Miller could be the next Mike Trout or Stephen Strasburg...im sure you didnt think Mike Trout would be the best player in baseball at the beginning of last season either. You cant go by what players might do, the only thing thats true is what they HAVE done this season, and so far, Marte is on a level playing field with Gonzalez, and Miller is pitching phenomenally. If both managers involved accepted the deal, then they obviously thought it was fair. I also say put the trade through.

    • Lopsided deal, I'd scrutinize the managers a bit and void if you think something stinks


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