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  • Greg Greg Apr 30, 2013 4:08 PM Flag

    Looking to improve team...

    ...and maybe make space for streaming SP's or waiver pickups that are MUST haves for the future. Plus I got DL guys coming back soon. I think I have too many batters and closers. 12 team H2H 5x5. Is there an area I should improve? And who can I get for a package (want to trade at least 2 guys away for 1)?

    C- Y.Molina
    1B- D.Ortiz
    2B- J.Kipnis, R.Weeks
    3B- B.Lawrie, R.Zimmerman (DL), N.Arenando
    SS- JJ Hardy
    OF- T.Hunter, J.Elsbury, C.Gonzalez, M.Prado, M.Carpenter, C.Granderson (DL)

    SP's- Strasburg, Halladay, S.Miller, Ogando, Cingrani, Cashner
    RP's- Putz, Frieri, Mujica, Valverde

    Anyone immediately dropable?

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    • You should've packaged Halladay before his last start,,now he's worthless..
      I don't think you have too many closers,but Motte could avoid Tomy John,and reclaim his job.
      If you don't have any utility slots,and you start 3 OFers,I'm guessing your offensive bench has 5 players;Which is too large.
      I'd offer something like Lawrie,Ortiz,and Hunter for Prince,or Votto,or Pujols.I like Arenado a lot,at least as a fill in until Zimm comes back.The 3 you'd be offering have been doing OK,so at least they have some trade value.Grandy would then soon replace T.Hunter,and your starting line up would look a lot better.With your open spot (Considering Grandy takes 1 slot) I'd pick up another SP like Grimm of the Rangers.

    • I dont think any of your closers are MUST-owns. You could probably afford to lose one, my vote would be Frieri and maybe look to improve at 2B. Overall i think your team looks great for a 12-team league.


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