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  • hivoltage3 hivoltage3 Apr 25, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    I have Bailey and Hanrahan. DL spot is taken with Reyes. Do I drop Hanrahan for Valverde?

    My closers right now are Kimbrel,Reed and Bailey with Hanrahan hurt and just sitting there. Do I take the chance that they keep Bailey as the closer and try to get Valverde off the wire or stay put? I live in Boston so heres my feelings on what might happen. Any normal team with 2 legit closers would stay with the hot hand and be done with it. But, this is Boston. Since Bailey is a team guy and already showed that he will still give it all everyday with a demotion(injury caused 2012) they might put Hanrahan back as closer as not to kill him mentally. If he #$%$ the bed for a few games after that then they would make the move. I really don't think Hanrahan is good enough to be the closer here. He is only signed for 1 year so I think he won't tank it with a demotion to the 8th but who knows? On the other hand, Bailey probably won't last the year physically but, what I do know is taht I cannot have both of them on my roster if there not closing. I do see Koji Ueharra taking the closer role at some point this season. Any thoughts as to dropping Hanrahan?

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