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  • Parmenion Parmenion Apr 24, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

    Valverde worth a #3 waiver?

    I think so but I figured I would see what other people think. 11 team standard 5x5 roto. My closers are Chapman, Henderson and Fujikawa. It's probably a moot point anyway as the #1 waiver team has 3 closers and Benoit so he is a closer horder and Benoit has no value anymore. #2 has 4 closers so he is a horder as well and may jump on it.

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    • I think he'll do good..
      He's lost 10 lbs from last year.
      I got him as a FA,dropping Putz (3rd blown save yesterday.)..
      Why isn't he a FA in your league?
      Did someone recently drop him?

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      • He wasn't dropped by anyone. He was not available to be chosen in my league until he was recalled by Detroit. The settings in this league are such that when a new player is called up he goes on waivers immediately. For example Cingrani was on waivers when he was called up. I didn't spend a waiver call on Cingrani, he went through waivers and I got him as an FA. I don't think Valverde will make it through waivers.


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