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  • Tom H Tom H Apr 20, 2013 11:00 PM Flag

    Veto trade at last minute?

    I'm giving up John Buck for A. Cabrera in a Yahoo! H2H League.

    Cabrera tends to be the better hitter, but I'm worried about his left wrist contusion.

    Should I veto this trade at the last minute?

    I could probably ask for Moustakas if this trade is vetoed.

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    • I am not sure that I would want Cabrera even if he was healthy.

      Other than his 2011 season he has been nothing special.

      He profiles to be a 14 HR, 12 SB hitter with just a .276 average. You can get that from nearly any FA SS.

      John Buck isn't a great hitter but his 162 game averages have him as a 21 HR guy. His career batting average is lousy...but hey...he's a catcher.

      Long story, short...both sides of your trade are #$%$...and Moustakas isn't any better (unless you like his pedigree of being a #2 overall pick).

    • Do whatever you can to sell high on Buck. If you can get something for him you can use, win for you.


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