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  • Jorge Jorge Apr 20, 2013 1:16 PM Flag

    buy low on hamilton?

    my friend just asked me what i would offer for hamilton. what should i offer/get away with offering?
    my team is:
    c: napoli
    1st : morneau, butler
    2nd: altuve, weeks
    ss: segura, desmond
    3rd: miggy, headley
    OF: moss, hunter, pence, cuddyer, aoki, stanton
    dl: eaton
    pitchers: harvey, cain, sale, zimmermann, fernandez, kuroda, holland, soriano, street and balfour

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    • I would give him Stanton and Weeks.

      I don't really like Hamilton or Stanton but I would certainly prefer Hamilton over Stanton.

      That being said...

      I traded Hamilton, Aoki, and David Murphy for Carlos Gonzalez and Alex Rios before the start of the season and I have been quite happy. The only player I miss from that trade is Aoki.

      Keep Aoki.

      Get rid of Stanton and Weeks.

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      • thanks man. the guy who offered me josh also has CarGo, harper and Cano. he said harper and cargo are untouchable cuz his hitting is what's keeping him afloat so to speak right now. he needs pitching. but he just asked me what id offer for hamilton. my cousin says not to bother with josh because hes going to have a bad year. should i push for cargo or bryce? or trade with someone else? or do u think hamilton will rebound and put up respectable numbers

    • Well, as we discussed on my thread, I'd be in favor of moving Harvey. With Cain, Sale, and Zimmermann, your starting pitching would still be strong (assuming you're in a daily league and you can stream pitchers). But as I know you're high on Harvey, what else...I don't really have Hamilton on any teams, so I haven't thought about his value much.

      You appear to be strong at 3B and 1B (assuming Cuddyer has eligibility there), maybe offer a 2-for-1 deal. Strong at OF as well, Hunter, Cuddyer, Pence, and Aoki have started well.

      Without knowing where the Hamilton owner is strong or weak, one idea would be to offer Headley and Hunter/Cuddyer/Pence, see if he bites. Maybe throw in Fernandez as well, might like his upside.

      Another idea would be to offer Stanton for him straight up, maybe ask him to throw in a small sweetener. Both have been weak so far obviously, and even though Stanton's power is otherworldly and Hamilton is almost guaranteed to spend a few weeks out with an injury, the farce that is the Marlins lineup is starting to worry me. However, if the rumored Stanton to Texas trade goes through (unlikely), I think he has #1 fantasy player upside in that park/lineup.

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      • thanks for the response. yeah hes weak at SP. and hes weak at some positions. his hitting is buoyed mainly by Cano, CarGo, and harper. i obviously dont wanna help him too much and im reluctant to trade harvey now one cuz i like him and two because sale and cain are struggling a bit lately, though im sure theyll recover. i want to get rid of stanton (kicking myself for drafting him instead of upton) but like u said if he gets traded to a team like texas or the mets, i feel he could be awesome. i might try the headley and cuddyer idea with an option for fernandez to see if he bites. cuz i can replace jose with corbin. o btw cuddyer is not 3b eligible in my league so that decreases his value a bit

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