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  • Jeremy O Jeremy O Apr 19, 2013 9:36 PM Flag

    Which SP?

    Jeremy Guthrie
    Carlos Villanueva
    Patrick Corbin
    Wade Davis

    or stick with Brett Anderson?

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    • Anyone?

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    • when Anderson hits the DL I'd take a chance on Guthrie or maybe Corbin, depending on their upcoming schedules

    • Carlos Villanueva has never been this good, although he had a nice spike in his K/9 last year, although this year is closer (a little lower actually) to his norm. When the air heats up in Chicago, with the screwy wind bursts that close to the Lake, any non ace pitcher is in danger. I wouldn't count on him for the year, although as a stream he's been amazing so far.

      Jeremy Guthrie has the pedigree, but has been pretty much a nothing his whole career, mid stat producer all cats, he should be available later on your FA list too.

      Patrick Corbin I don't know what to make of. He's not flashy in anything he does, I watch him and he looks boring. But he does pretty well considering. He should also be later available on your FA list, so no reason to move on him now imo.

      Wade Davis- This guy has a big arm, and he's finally got his BB/9 down so far this year (small sample size) K/9 is good, his BABIP is way unlucky this year inflating his WHIP so far. However his ERA is lower than it should relative to that WHiP. If you're going to make a move, this is probably the safest one to make, with the highest reward if things go well.

      Brett Anderson- I want to believe in this guy, he's just always hurt. And hurt again now. His ERA is 5.95, but it should be 3.73 (xFIP). So going forward he's about as bad now as you can expect him to get (?) plus his walk rate is way, way out of proportion to how he's been his whole career. It's over 5, when he's normally under 2, making things look that much worse that it could/should be.

      You have to choose, it's always a gamble and I lack the psychic ability to tell you 100% how they'll end the season. At the moment I'd say keep Anderson, or grab Davis and then don't second guess yourself.

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      • Hands down, best post I've ever seen on this board before. Very informative. I like Davis as well and I think Guthrie is intriguing. He did have three seasons with a sub 4 ERA in Baltimore which is pretty good playing in the east (that was when all those AL east teams had massively stacked lineups too). He was a mess in Colorado but ever since the trade to KC he has been dominant. The AL central is pretty weak (Indians, Twins, White Sox) which favors him and Davis. In 17 starts with KC (110 2/3 IP) has a 3.17 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, 3.32 K:BB ratio.


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