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  • JOSHUA JOSHUA Apr 19, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    Who should I offer for Phillips?

    Hi folks. This is a 12 team, roto, & 5x5 league. I'm looking to acquire Phillips as my 2B. I'm also going to address my C & SP needs next. Who should I offer for Phillips? I'm thinking something like Konerko, Kipnis, & McCann for Phillips & Molina. However, I don't think he will go for that.

    My team: Offense: McCann, Votto, Kipnis, A. Escobar, Zimmerman, Holliday, Pence, Choo, Fielder, Crawford, Bourn, Konerko, Willingham, Aramis Ramirez

    Pitching: Lester, Buchholz, Kennedy, C.J. Wilson, Cahill, Dempster, Greinke (DL)

    His team: Offense: Molina, Napoli, Phillips, Hardy, Middlebrooks, Justin Upton, Heyward, Gomez, Gattis, Uggla, Freese, Granderson, Jeter

    Pitching: Verlander, Wainwright, Medlen, Maholm, Teheran, Beachy, Kimbrel, Balfour, Perez, Janssen, O'Flaherty

    I will answer your posts too. Thanks!

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    • I wouldn't be so quick to throw McCann out there, Phillips is going to be tough to get right now being that he's in top 10 for most leagues. Crawford is hot too though so maybe a Kipnis and Crawford for Phillips and Bourn since Bourn is on the DL he might bite on that...

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    • It depends on how patient you are, right now it would be quite difficult to buy Phillips because he is hitting clean up on a hot and really good hitting team. He is hot right now and the asking price is gonna be through the roof! Wait for him to cool down and also for McCann to come back, you do have that working in your favor having McCann because he'll be losing Gattis when he does come back and he'll move one of his catchers for him then. But if you were to come up with a trade proposal I would go with McCann, Crawford, Kipnis(right now he has no trade value besides his name and what he did last year, give it time also for him to string a few decent games together) and Konerko for Molina and Phillips...you have a lot of names that are eye catching, maybe he will bite on that trade offer. But for now, I would say be patient. Easier said than done I know

    • Offer him Zimmerman, Kipnes and Konerko for Phillips, Middlebrooks and Napoli.
      Zimmerman is having arm issues and is going to miss some time.

    • Come on folks. I have helped in a lot of posts. Please help. Thanks!

    • Anyone please? I have answered a lot of posts. Thanks!


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