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  • willis willis Apr 11, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    "the dh is inevitable in the nl"

    i dont get it. i see no real advantages to the dh why would it spread

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    • NO DH 9 out of 10 times is a Free OUT with a DH 7 out of 10 times so there is an advantage to having a DH on the Hitting end

    • Do you know the hole story behind no DH in the N.L a fishing trip caused a team to abstain from vote in 1973 I cant remember what teams were involved I believe it was Pittsburg and Philly but one of the owners went on a fishing trip so he couldnt be reached by phone he told his 2nd in command to vote w/e way the other team did well the other team abstained from voting so the guy did as he was told and abstained

    • Perfect games, in the last 18, 11 were AL pitchers, 7 NL pitchers.
      In the last 10, 7 were AL pitchers, 3 NL.

      No reason to make an argument gaining a NL dh will lessen pitcher achievements.

    • What is the point of having a pitcher hit? They are all terrible, its an out more often than not and adds nothing to the game. Plus, it just increases the potential for injury to a guy that should be doing nothing but pitch. The DH gives teams more offense which translates to more runs and more people in the seats. People like to see HR's. The DH also provides a team with the flexibility to move players around and helps to prolong the careers of guys that can still hit but may be a liability in the field. I see no advantage to not using the DH besides giving an almost certain out every 9 at bats. Its rather pointless.

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      • I guess a lot of you missed the biggest point here. Baseball is a business. They don't care about you nor your feelings about how baseball "should" be played. Fact is that HR hitters sell more tickets than anyone else. People want to see offense. Sure watching a no hitter or perfect game is magical, but those happen so rarely that it's not something that you can plan on. What you can plan on is having a guy like Adam Dunn sit on his #$%$ all day and still hit 40 HR's every year. Personally, I could care less about whether or not baseball uses the DH or gets rid of it entirely. But I will bet you anything that they will eventually adopt it around the league in an effort to increase revenues. It is the eventual evolution of the game.

        Also, Mark, are you mad that they allow the forward pass in Football as well? Or that the goal posts are now farther back making FGs more difficult for kickers to make? Things change. Even Baseball. Sometimes its for the better, sometimes its not. But the masses don't care about what baseball was created to be, they want to see HR's.

        I hope you guys don't take offense to what i've said. I didn't mean anything personally. And like I said, I don't really care one way or the other. I just see that as a business, baseball will eventually adopt the DH. I can see both the pros and cons.

      • The dh is a joke. Baseball was created to be a game of strategy. American league "baseball" is very hard to watch, and its hard to watch because its not really baseball. The American league is for people that are clueless in regards to the strategy involved in baseball and they just want to see a bunch of runs scored. Why would the pitcher not hit lol? Is he not part of the nine men on the field? The nine men on the field hit, end of story.

      • my bad didnt mean to give you the thumbs down. pitchers are players too and a real player plays offense and defense in baseball. there is so much more strategy in a baseball game when a pitcher hits, when to pinch hit, when to double switch, how to pitch to the 8 hitter, how to bunt. pitchers are not all terrible at hitting and having pitchers who can hit can be a huge advantage. every game im at when the pitcher lays down a good bunt the crowd cheers louder than when the 3 hitter gets a single. a dh just gives you the ability to allow some out of shape old hitter to try to hit homeruns, now thats boring to me


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