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  • Rick Rick Apr 10, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    Importance of Closers?

    yes i like your idea and thats exactly what i am doing this year...drafted a bunch of good batters in the auction draft and got a lot of cheap sp to win Ws and Ks though its not working out yet...WISH ME LUCK

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    • Yeah good luck to you. I try to get as many 30HR 100RBI type guys as possible...at least 4. If you have 5 you are almost guaranteed to be among the league leaders in HR, RBI, Runs. Also 3 speed guys. Then I get at least 3 or 4 200K SP who can get at least 16-20 wins and then 4 other decent SP plus 3-4 closers.

      That strategy has gotten me to 3 straight championships and I won 2. I lost the championship last year because when they shut down Strasburg my SP took a huge hit. If your lineup is stacked with guys who are big hitters they'll get close to 600AB....which means you really don't need a bench and you can load up on pitching.

    • I do like having closers. If there are two RP slots, I like to have two closers there. However, I never draft closers high. If I miss out on them in the draft, I go with best RP I can get, until someone grabs a CL role away from someone during the season. I am a big RP guy. I like that good ones, in the right setting, can help you with K's, sneak a few W's, yet keep your ERA and WHIP low. Can you help with my Prado trade question?


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