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  • Matt Matt Apr 10, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    Importance of Closers?

    Last year I won my league despite a couple of guys being hoarders of the closer position, but I still ended up with 4 of them after a few FA pickups. This year, I only drafted two - Axford and Nathan - and Axford is about to be dropped for Masterson. That leaves me with only one RP, and only possible future closers remain on the wire (Marmol, for example).

    Anyone ever successfully go through a season and just forget about the closer? I hate trading for them, but am contemplating not worrying about it until later in the season when maybe I can either play FA or make a trade with one of the closer hoarders. It's a H2H league, so the only major thing I'm losing out on is the saves category - I feel like I could pick up the Ks with an extra starter. Thoughts?

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    • If you punt saves in a 5x5 league just make sure you have more SPs than opponents.
      Keep you offensive bench warmers to a minimal.I won a league once with no offensive bench warmers & no catcher once.Every SP has bad games that can hurt your whip & era.But if you have a lot of SPs you should always be strong in Ks & Ws,and several good starts from your SPs will help lower your whip & era from the SP(s) that have bad starts.

      I try to be strong in a small majority of my categories every year.I rank the categories on 1 one of my cheat sheets;Category 1 I never want to lose,and the last cat I hardly care about;I STACK my teams in the categories I want to dominate.And I've won 80% of my leagues the last 13 years using this strategy.

    • It's just 1 category so not a big deal. You can definitely pick up additional closers during the reg season off the FA wire (since it's a revolving position). Or like you said, you can add another SP to win IP/K/W, etc.


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