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  • Chuz Chuz Apr 9, 2013 5:40 AM Flag

    im beyond frustrated w my team already...shud i give up and make this keeper trade for next year?

    11 team roto 16cat keeper... next year we goin up to 4 keepers(2 batters 2 pitchers) and u keep players at the round they were previously kept...... in a nutshell my team has started the season in an awful slump and i already find myself at the bottom in nearly every offensive cat and its not close, im way behind..... i think i got a pretty good lineup too..

    C- Wieters
    1B- Encarnacion (keeper 23 rd)
    2B- Kipnis
    3B- Miggy (keeper 1st rd)
    SS- Prado
    IF- Gyorko
    OF- Craig, Adrian Gonzalez, Carlos Gomez
    Util- Marte, Howie
    Bench- Alvarez, Buck

    im thinkin of offering miggy and CC for Bryce(16th rd) and jose fernandez(23rd rd) so i guess what im asking is do u think this is enough to get bryce?? If i pull this off, next year my keepers so far wud be Bryce in the 16th for sure, and then i got encarnacion and fernandez sittin there in rd 23, i got Harvey(9th rd) who may be a stud.....i wud try and make a trade for kemp(3rd rd) or verlander(5th rd) after this....i know its early but the main reason im ready to abandon this year already is that this is the 4th year of our keeper league and i took over an awful team last year, i dont have any must keep kinda players and alot of the teams in the league do, its almost unfair to be able to keep trout in the 20th and strasburg in the 23rd...... and last year when i took over a team i tried to make some dope keeper trades but the league kept vetoing the deals because their was only about 2 months left in the season and no one was giving up a dope keeper unless they were getting a completely 1-sided deal so im hoping by trying to make a trade now so early in the season that the price will be lower and any deals shud be less 1-sided and hopefully wont get vetoed..... instead of getting miggy for 2 months, now u get him for the whole year, that changes things............. anyway thx to anyone who actually reads this... any opinions on this nonsense wud be welcome, plz and thx

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