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    How do I put a FA player on waivers? I know you can change the date of those already on waivers but how do you make someone who is not on waivers at all suddenly be on waivers? I was going to add a NA slot to our league but the only fair way to do this is to put all the good NA guys worth stashing on waivers for two days then immediately after make the change. This gives everyone a fair shot at grabbing someone.

    If there is no way to do it, I already have a workaround in mind (but its a #$%$ one). I would add a bench slot to the league the lock every team but mine from making moves (just for ten minutes or so). Then I would add and then immediately drop every NA player myself over and over until they all go on waivers, then I would change their dates. Does anyone know if this would work? If you add someone then drop them right away do they even go on waivers or do they go back to being a FA?

    Also, please help list any NA guys that I miss that I should try and waiver from the league. Right now I would think of:

    Taveras, Profar, Puig, Bundy, Hamilton, Gose,

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