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  • Parmenion Parmenion Apr 1, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    How much is Lincecum worth?

    I have Timmy but am not sure I should. Many people anticipate the same bad year as last year so would it be better to trade him now before a couple of implosions reduce his value too much? 9 team NL-only standard 5x5 roto except use OBP instead of average, non-keeper

    I am not sure what Lincecum's value is. Is he more like the Carl Crawford area, O-rank about 146 to Lincecum's 109, or Todd Frazier (143 rank) or are we looking at more like the 110 range. @b and LF or RF are my biggest needs. (Justin Upton will get LF eligibility very soon so I can swap him back and forth). Thanks

    My team

    C Posey
    1B Howard
    2B Young (1B, 2B, 3B)
    3B Sandoval
    SS Castro
    LF Dominic Brown (LF, RF)
    CF Carlos Gomez (CF)
    RF Justin Upton
    Bench Donovan Solano (2B, 3B, LF), Jordany Valdespin (2B, LF, CF, RF), Denard Span (CF)

    SP Latos, Lincecum, Harvey, Estrada, Lohse, Zito, Arroyo
    RP Kimbrel, Jansen

    DL Adam Eaton (CF), Delmon Young (LF), Shaun Marcum (SP)-I have 2 DL slots so one bench spot is taken up.

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    • I'm optimistic on Lince,I think he'll be your ace..
      But,if you don't feel the same I'd make it a 2 for 2 trade;Because your opponent most likely doesn't want to give up a hitter for an SP & be left with a big hole in his lineup.You need to offer Lince & a hitter for an SP & a hitter;Ask for a lower ranked SP & a higher ranked hitter.
      Example:Lince & Sandoval for R.Zimmerman & Homer Bailey.
      But if someone has a good backup on the bench to replace a hitter,he may be more willing to trade his starting hitter straight up for Lince.


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