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  • Donnie Donnie Mar 31, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    HELP PLEASE!!!! Medlen and A-Gone for Cliff Lee

    Give: Adrian Gonzo and Medlen
    Get: Cliff Lee and Hosmer

    I need some help with this. I think Medlen's stats were a fluke and there's no way he has less than a 3.0 ERA this year. I REALLY need some pitching and was proposed this trade. I have Konerko to replace A-Gone. Hosmer is a wash, i have no idea what to think of him. Should i do this? Thanks for the input!

    C- Napoli
    1- Adrain Gonzo
    2- Ian Kinsler
    SS- Reyes
    3- Pablo
    OF- Kemp, Choo, Victornio
    Util - Konerko
    Bench- Morse, Ethier, Michael Young, McCann
    SP - Medlen, Shields, Josh Johnson, CJ Wilson, Tommy Hanson,
    RP - Madson, Benoit, Kyuji Fujikawa, Valverde

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    • I'd reconsider.
      1) Adrian Gonzalez is the prize in this trade, and you're losing him for in effect a minor pitching upgrade.

      2)Was last year's Medlen stats a fluke? Yes, of course, his expected worst case ERA with the way he pitched was 2.97, not the lucky 1.57 he had. His K/9 is legitimately above 8 (minors and majors), what was uniquely down for him last year was his BB/9. The walks he gave up in the past was every bit of why Medlen was scary, it was in the 4.0 range, where it should be 2.0 or under. Medlen's BB/9 last year was a unusually low for him 1.50. So the question is was that a fluke or has he finally gotten some control?

      3)Cliff Lee is who you're targeting, otherwise why do this trade, had better be a major upgrade, and it isn't. Lee's worst case ERA was supposed to be 3.06 last year. But he has a history of barely above 3.00, that consistency is desirable. And his K/9 you should expect to be around 8.8 or so, pretty dam good, and he doesn't walk anyone. Is Cliff Lee better than Medlen? Yes, of course. But not Adrian Gonzalez better.

    • Yes, I would take it because you have Konerko.


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