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  • James James Mar 31, 2013 3:14 AM Flag

    Hanley for Desmond?

    Don't worry about unbalanced roster. Season hasn't even started yet. IF you can get Jennings for Hanley, I'd jump at it. IF it was me, I wouldn't be afraid of finding if you have a Bryce Harper fan in your league (you don't always have to trade your worst outfielder). See if somebody offers an upper level third baseman (maybe not Wright or Longoria), but maybe you get an Aramis Ramirez caliber for Harper. IF I had Aramis, I'd seriously look at a Harper/Alvarez for Aramis/anything trade. I do agree that you could use an upgrade at third (even though I recognize the upside of Frazier). Maybe even offer a Harper/Frazier for Longoria. It would help if Frazier gets off to a good start.


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