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  • Rusty Iron Jockstrap Rusty Iron Jockstrap Mar 30, 2013 7:59 PM Flag

    Hey Experts please answer this question

    How many good starters and I am talking top 30 does a person need in a 12 team Head to Head yahoo standard public league? I plan to stream like crazy because thats fun to me so I plan to have at least three spots on my roster to do this streaming. I havent played head to head in a yahoo public in a while. Any ideas?

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    • You can't stream closers,so get at least 4 closers after round 10,and keep your offensive back ups to a minimum to help you in Ks & Ws.If you focus on Ws,Ks,and saves you don't need a top 10 SP.Target high K bargain SPs on good hitting teams like Scherzer,and I like Lincecum to have a strong bounce back season.Shields,Gallardo,Miley,Lynn, would also help you.Later you could add SPs like Harvey,Teheran,and Shelby Miller.Stack your pitching up to be strong in Ks,Ws,and saves because most leagues nowadays have a limit of 4 moves per week,and an opponent or more may also be planning on streaming.So know the categories you want to be strong in,and goo after the players that'll help you in those categoriies;Because relying solely on streaming can backfire in your face against seasoned veterans.
      Streaming should be a luxury,not a necessity.

    • Not an expert, but your answer is zero with standard scoring cats. We are assuming you'll take 4 of 5 offensive categories every week if you loaded up on that side, if you stream starting pitchers like crazy you can steal Ws and Ks pretty easy each week, on occasion you'll grab whip or era if you're lucky, but that's just gravy. Again, it requires you win 4 of #$%$ cats to pull that off.


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