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  • Padres Padres Mar 30, 2013 12:05 AM Flag

    Need1. Busy with Life, yet Enjoy the Live Roto Draft & Keeping Score? 8pmSat-JoinUsforOur10thSeason

    Live 5X5 Roto Draft Saturday Night, 3/30, at 8:00 p.m. MDT

    Hurry! Need 1 more of 12 teams...

    Do you enjoy the thrill of the live draft; assembling and following your teams? Do you have a life, yet not the time to constantly be sitting at your computer all day? Then this league is for you.

    30 Moves for the entire season – just enough to fine-tune the roster that you so skillfully and strategically put together on draft day. You can change your line-up of 14 position players and 9 pitchers on a weekly basis (before Mondays). Note there are no trades, so test your GM skills in this deep, 30 man roster league by drafting wisely. In many ways this league is much more MLB realistic than changing your lineup every day & making a zillion changes throughout a season.

    Read the settings, then sign up now as this unique league, in our 10th year, fills annually.
    League # 8550, Fantasy Baseball Anonymous
    Password is 30movesmax.


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