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  • Dan Dan Mar 29, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

    Which SP for Simmons

    I'm in a 12 team H2H dynasty. An owner has Simmons on the block for a SP. I'm thinking why not take a chance on him as a back up I have Andrus. My pitchers are Greinke, Scherzer, Morrow, Neise, Lynn, Harrison, Hellickson and Beachy (DL). Who would you offer if anybody? I'm thinking Harrison or Hellickson

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    • Not sure who to offer, whoever. But you should ESPECIALLY get Simmons somehow especially in a dynasty. He'll prove his worth this year, most people like Tom just don't want to believe it.

      Hear me out, google "Andrelton Simmons bargain" and click on the first link (ESPN go) . That should persuade you.

      Take Bill's advice too. Also I hope you got Andrus on the cheap in the past, he's always been too highly touted.

      Try to offload Grienke for one of his close to top tier starting pitchers with Simmons chipped in is my opinion. Grienke will have a notably regressing year. Lynn, Morrow, and Harrison are shaky too in my opinion. (And I loved Lynn last year he did work for me till it fell apart.. I'm sure they've been better preparing him and he's gotten skinnier but I think he'll fall apart again or just be too up and down) Target Cobb, Teheran, and others too.

    • Don't even bother. Andrus and Hellickson are both way better than Simmons.

      Andrus is only a year older and has 4 seasons under his belt instead of 150 AB.

      Unless your league uses a MI spot there is absolutely no point in making this move, especially not for Hellickson.

    • Pick up Simmons, that Atl lineup will score him rt & lft. Another starter will develop in a couple of months. Look to give Beachy and find a pitch on Baltimore roster, or Maholm in ATL. Possibly Ogando in TX. tom john surgery takes a full yr &1/2 to recover fully.

    • Offer whatever you want. I bet he's willing to dump Simmons. Just putting him on the auction block to see if anyone will bite before he drops him.

    • Offer Hellickson.


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