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  • MIKE T MIKE T Mar 29, 2013 1:30 AM Flag

    just finished 12 team draft, where do i need help?

    12 teams, I drafted 9th(snake-draft)
    batters: R, HR, RBI, E, OBP, OPS, NSB
    pitchers: W, L, ERA, WHIP, K/9, NSV...... also pitchers must total minimum 32 innings a week.

    c- joe mauer( c,1 )
    1- albert pujols( 1 )
    2- rickie weeks( 2 )
    3- aramis ramirez( 3 )
    ss- starlin castro( ss )
    of- alex gordon( of )
    of- brett gardner( of )
    of- alex rios( of )
    util- chris davis( 1,of )
    bn- todd frazier(1,3,of )
    bn- alfonso soriano( of)
    bn- jonathan lucroy( c )
    bn- daniel murphy( 1,2 )
    bn- jackie bradley( of)

    sp-david price( sp )
    sp-zack greinke( sp )
    sp- hiroki kuroda( sp )
    rp- rafael soriano( rp )
    rp- glen perkins( rp )
    p- lance lynn( sp,rp )
    p- ernesto freiri( rp )
    p- aj burnett( sp )
    bn- andy pettitte( sp )

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    • Mauer - solid catcher to own, doesn't hurt you, his BA makes up for his lack of power IMO
      Pujols - check, BA, HR, RBI
      Weeks - since there is OBP he retains value, he actually walked a lot last year, can produce 20 HR, 10+ chip in steals, needs to be healthy
      Ramirez - check, BA, HR, RBI
      Castro - check, BA, SB, solid stats, health, and youth
      Gordon - not a #1 OF, but I like him on this roster
      Gardner - I like him as a Utl pushing to be #3 OF, like his SB for you
      Rios - id trade for a starting pitcher, try to land niece or Harvey IMO
      Davis - check, if he repeats last years HR and then improves elsewhere

      You have the means for power across your line up, besides, weeks, Davis, maybe Gardner, your average looks good across the line up. Lacking a proven 5 tool OF

      Bench is there, nothing flashy that stands out, soriano HR for h2h is good, but age and possible repeat? Idk,

      Price - check
      Greinke - I've lost faith, used to be really favorable to this guy, could have high Wins, and Ks (positive) but also high ERA and WHIP (negative)

      RP - check, just be on the look out Incase inj or something, but I like these 3 a lot

      SP lacks serious depth and upside after price.

      Rios soriano(OF) and Davis may be your highest trade chips you can spare to get SP, since it's h2h I'd worry about getting a niece or Harvey type pitcher for a 1 for 1 for for 1 of the 3 mentioned(try to dump alfanso soriano first, and Davis last if u can, I like Davis the best of those 3), then look to upgrade an OF some how. Frazier could be trade bait and luccroy if team really needs a C,

      Overall, not a stacked team. Has set players at the right positions, pitching and OF is the best place to have to work on In terms of the amount of talent out there. I would trade away any part of your infield, unless the price is right. An added upgrade at SP, and OF is what I'd target if this were my team

    • Roto h2h?